post image brand consistency examples

Brand consistency: examples and how to build it

Brand consistency is the practice of spreading messages in agreement with the brand values in such a way that they are all presented in the same tone. Why is brand consistency important and how to build it?

post image conducting a brand audit

A complete brand audit checklist

A brand audit allows you to take a step back and look at the overall picture on which you can base your long-term strategy. What does a brand audit checklist include?

post image internal brandig strategy

How to create an effective internal branding strategy?

You cannot build strong brand values if you are unable to spread them effectively among your staff. Now you have a chance to get familiar with the internal branding best practices.

post image Branding Tips For Startups

10 Branding Tips For Startups

When you set up a startup, you have to go through the branding process and build a brand to survive. A well-thought-out startup branding strategy is the key for success. Here are our branding tips for startups.

post image logo shapes

Logo shapes and their meaning

Research on visual communication clearly shows that by using a specific shape you can strengthen the message to a determined target group. So, how do you design your logo to influence your customers?

post image branding trends

10 key branding trends in 2022

Whether you are a business owner or a designer who creates branding projects, you need to be aware of the latest branding trends to be able to create a strong and recognizable brand.

post image b2b branding

B2B branding: how to build a successful B2B brand strategy?

How to build a branding strategy for B2B business? We have 5 tips that will surely prove to be useful.

post image logo redesign

Considering a logo redesign? Here are 5 things to keep in mind

Why do companies redesign their logos? When is logo redesign necessary? How to redesign a logo? Check what you need to remember before doing it.

post image rebranding

10 questions to ask when rebranding

In order to plan a rebranding strategy, you have to answer many questions. In this article we will go through the most important questions to ask when rebranding.

post image brand archetypes

Brand archetypes – how to use them to build a successful brand?

The general concept of archetypes was created by Carl Gustav Jung. However, marketers use them today to build successful businesses. In this article, you will learn more on how to use brand archetypes and why they are relevant.

post image rebranding strategy

Things you should know about rebranding strategy

Branding is one of the most important tasks, not only for new firms, but also for those that have already established themselves on the market. It’s a process of building and consolidating a brand's position.

post image logo evolution

Logo evolution – well-known brands over time

Why do brands change or modify their trademarks? How did well-known brands change their logos and where will the evolution of logo take us in the future?