Piotr Nowak Piotr Nowak Mar 28, 2017

What Does It Take to Run a Successful Internet Business?

At Nopio, as a web development company, we meet a lot of people thinking about starting their own online business. It’s very hard to know who has a chance to succeed, but there are some…

Piotr Nowak Piotr Nowak Nov 4, 2016

Why won’t you get back to me when promised?

Shifting from technicalities and web development, today we are focusing on a different business topic – the impression you leave on potential customers when you don’t keep up communication. Here’s a story of our struggle…

Natalia Molik Natalia Molik Aug 4, 2016

10 simple tricks to master your cold mailing

You send hundreds of emails every day, but the effect of your hard work is negligible and the only responses you receive are very unpleasant rejections? If your database is of good quality, it’s likely that…

Piotr Nowak Piotr Nowak Jul 1, 2016

Consultants find solutions, developers implement them

Two categories, one big difference When it comes to people working on web projects, we divide them into two categories: web development consultants and web developers. The distinction can be a little fuzzy, since people like designers…

Piotr Nowak Piotr Nowak Apr 11, 2016

Common Web Development Issues and How to Solve Them

Web development is any kind of work that involves creating a website for the internet or an intranet (a private network). It involves many different kinds of work and therefore requires people with multiple skillsets….

Piotr Nowak Piotr Nowak Mar 29, 2016

Losing a job, a problem or a positive incentive?

Losing a job can be bad, terrible actually, but sometimes it’s what you need to shine. Nothing unleashes your true potential and capabilities as much as self preservation, and unless you live in a forest…

Piotr Nowak Piotr Nowak Mar 14, 2016

Starting a Business: What Would I Do Differently?

Recently, Nopio had an anniversary. It’s been two years since I parted ways with my former employer and fully embarked on my journey as an entrepreneur. That anniversary got me thinking about all the questions…

Piotr Nowak Piotr Nowak Mar 3, 2016

Best Practices for Building Client Relationships

This is the first post describing our attitude towards building client relationships. Over the years, when working with my employer’s clients, I’ve heard a lot of complaints about vendors’ honesty. Unfortunately, it’s now 2015 and…