hiring web developers

Hiring Web Developers: Freelancers vs Companies

Who should you choose for your web development project? Let's see what the difference is between hiring a freelancer and hiring a web development company.

startup crisis

What Should Startups Do in Times of Crisis?

What can startups do right now to prepare themselves for the upcoming hard times? Here’s a handful of tips for startup founders looking to keep their businesses afloat in 2020 and beyond.

Web Development Workshop

How We Created Our “Web Development 101” Workshop

The "Web Development 101" Workshop aims to breach the gap between the product and technical teams and help them work better together. See how it came to be.

Spree Commerce Startup

Top 10 E-Commerce Startups Using Spree

Developed in 2008, Spree allows for easy customizations and upgrades of online stores to deliver features matching unique business needs. To show you the potential of this technology for eCommerce ventures, here are ten startups that have decided to take advantage of Spree.

Fixed bid vs time and materials

Fixed bid vs. Hourly Rate: Software Development Costs

Quite often, young startup founders and company owners are unsure about which contract model to choose. The two most popular pricing models are fixed price and hourly rate, referred to as time and materials (T&M).

learning management system

Custom Learning Management System: Take Your Business To The Next Level

A Learning Management System is an application that helps organizations manage tasks in the area of learning and training. Read this article to find out how your business can benefit from a custom LMS.

tech partnership with web agency

Tech Partnership. Interesting Alternative to Hiring In-House Developers

Tech partnership with a web development agency can bring immense value to your business. Learn why you should consider it instead of hiring devs in-house.

calculate custom software development cost

How Much Does Custom Software Development Cost and When to Use It

Learn what is Custom Software Development, how much does it cost and why Custom Software is usually more expensive than out-of-the-box solutions.

How to Pick the Right Tech Partner for Building an MVP

Here are 4 essential things you should take into account when choosing the right tech partner to build your Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Thoughts from Web Summit 2018 and LRUG MeetUp

Here are my thoughts about the two events I recently had the pleasure to partake in - Web Summit 2018 and the London Ruby User Group meetup.

growth hacking

Growth Hacking: a New Approach to Marketing and How Your Business Can Benefit from It

We all know how traditional marketing works. You choose your target group, invest in ads and spend a lot of time and effort on your strategy before seeing any results. But what if you’re a startup or small company, you don’t have a big budget for marketing (or any budget at all), and only a really short time to achieve the scalability, all the while with competition lurking behind you? Well, there is a solution for that. In 2010 Sean Ellis, an entrepreneur that worked in startups like Dropbox, Eventbrite and Lookout, created a concept called growth hacking. Simply put, it’s a marketing technique that experiments with non-traditional use of various channels and helps to achieve viral growth.


How to Create a Successful Sales Plan to Drive Your Business Growth

You don’t need a new CRM, another new platform that everybody’s talking about, a new tool that downloads a lot of useless contacts, to sell. All you need is one simple plan that you stick to. Many people call it Sales Process but let's for now call it a Sales Plan. Why? Because it’s your plan for how to deal with your customers. Too complicated? Let’s break it down.

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