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When To Use Rails and React in Your Project

As you've probably guessed by the title of my article, I still consider Ruby on Rails as a relevant technology that offers a lot of value, especially when combined with ReactJS as it's frontend counterpart. Here's how I approach the topic.

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Integrate Rails Application with React Using Webpacker Gem

Webpacker can be an interesting alternative to the popular create-react-app tool. Learn how to use this gem to integrate Rails with React.

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Airbnb Map Clone Tutorial – React with Ruby on Rails

In this tutorial, we present how to build a map similar to the one on Airbnb using React app on the front-end and Rails 5 API on the back-end.

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React on Rails Tutorial: Part 3 – Pagination

How to add a simple React pagination? Thanks to this tutorial you will be able to paginate the events based on the number of events on a page.

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React on Rails Tutorial: Part 2

Have you added some event by accident or misspelled a name or description and you can't edit or remove the mistake? Our React on Rails tutorial will help!

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React On Rails – part 1 [tutorial]

Thanks to this tutorial you can create the application which uses ReactJS on the front-end and Rails on the back-end in 21 steps. Read on!