Node.js: One Language to Rule Them All?

With the introduction of Node Javascript, we gained one powerful weapon - versatility. You can write in so many different ways with such ease. Will it become the one language to rule them all?

calculate custom software development cost

How Much Does Custom Software Development Cost and When to Use It

Learn what is Custom Software Development, how much does it cost and why Custom Software is usually more expensive than out-of-the-box solutions.

How to Choose the Right Custom Software Development Firm

Here are some critical tips for picking the best technology provider for your project.

Is It Hard to Become a Software Developer?

Becoming a programmer and getting your first job without a computer science degree is not as hard as many people think. Learn why!

Image of Sketch App

3 Reasons Why To Choose Sketch As Your Web Design Tool

Sketch is a vector design tool built for graphic designers. Learn why is it so worth using and why you should consider it as your web design tool.


How To Hide That Ugly YouTube Preloader

Here’s a quick tutorial that may save you some time while you’re working on a video in a background thingy and using YouTube as your media source.

Pros and Cons of Using WordPress as a CMS for Your Website

Read what are the pros and cons of using WordPress for your website. Is it worth to choose it as the go-to CMS platform?


Web Development: Part 8 – Web Application Maintenance

Web application maintenance is an important part of every web project that takes place after it's done, deployed and serving your clientele.


Converting SVG to Font Icon Using IcoMoon

Learn how to effectively add many small icons from the uploaded SVG files to your website using IcoMoon, one of the most popular icon generators.


Web Development: Essential Parts of Every Project Part 7 – Code Deployment

Code deployment is an incredibly important part of every web development project. There are several tools and workflows that can help you with it.


WordPress hosting optimized for PageSpeed and Yslow

See our way of optimizing WordPress hosting setup to not only maximize our blog’s PageSpeed score from 70 to 97, but also our YSlow score from 60 to 91.

How to use WordPress? Common problems, recommended tools and plugins

Basing on our experience, we wrote a short tutorial how to use WordPress, what problems might occur and what tools and plugins are recommended to install.

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