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My first month at Nopio

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Finding the dream job is certainly something not everybody is lucky enough to obtain. I can probably call myself one of the lucky ones. I started work at Nopio as an intern Ruby on Rails developer. And you know what? I couldn’t imagine a better job. Seriously.

At the beginning of a career, everyone has their vision of a perfect job. Yet, do you know how many people are unhappy in their work life? An unsatisfactory work life includes a whole host of issues: from an overly strict boss, to an inhospitable atmosphere, to dreaded boring projects to name a few. Luckily for me, these troubles do not apply, as Nopio couldn’t be further from this.

To be honest, as a young women in the IT world, I had many fears before I joined Nopio. Will I fit into the working environment? Will I get enough attention from my new colleagues? Will the boss appreciate my efforts? Sounds familiar, right? Fortunately, it turned out my fears were completely unfounded, and I needn’t have worried at all!

Why Nopio is so special?

People around me

More often than not, it’s not the place you work at, but the people you work with. At Nopio, our differences and distinctions are celebrated, but also we come together to work well as a whole.

Everybody’s unique perspectives help in creating the final product, whatever it is. What is important for me as a young programmer is I can rely on every one of my team in every aspect; in development and in daily live. I know that if I am struggling with anything, a confused look upon my face is enough for my boss or coworker to offer help.

nopio team


One of the first things that struck me was the level of professionalism and what it means in the workplace. During my internship, I was often focusing on what I thought might be a ‘cool’ addition to a project. While I was encouraged to be creative, the emphasis was always on the client: “Try to empathize with the client – would you want to click on the website this many times?”.

Nopio likes simplicity and thought-out solutions. First we try to understand, then we go out of our way to satisfy both sides. We don’t just create; we create for clients and want them to have as much profitability as possible with our help.

The best and worst feeling I experience at Nopio is that I have so much to learn. Surrounded by development ninjas,  I feel amateur in comparison. At the same time, this gives me a feeling of awe and encouragement. It works on me like a detonating fuse to motivate the urge to develop myself. He who keeps company with wolves will learn to howl.

code ninja


Coming to Nopio was like a gift from Santa for me. Maybe I do not have a good comparison, maybe I am not experienced enough to talk about companies, but from my point of view Nopio is the place where I can realize my true potential and create products to the highest standard for customers.

The commitment I see on a daily basis is admirable. My coworkers work with pleasure, not because they are forced to. Here, every opinion counts and everyone brings something valuable to the table. I didn’t want my first blog post to sound like cheap advertisement, so forgive me if it looks like it.

To end, I want to say thank you for all my team. You are awesome, guys! I wish everyone could  have such a career start in  software development as I did.


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