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Future of digital marketing - 5 predictions

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Nowadays, most of the daily errands can be done without leaving your home. No one is surprised by the possibility of purchasing clothes or food via computer or smartphone. Online medical consultations or private classes are becoming more and more popular as well. Therefore, it is no wonder that modern marketing is based on social media, data clouds and artificial intelligence. What is the future of digital marketing? Here is what we predict for 2022 and beyond.

How does digital marketing differ from the traditional one?

Digital marketing is a natural byproduct of developing technology. It is a way of communicating with the current and potential clients through modern means, such as social media posts, email newsletters or pop-up advertisements.

Some companies still use traditional methods, i.e., advertisements aired on radio or television, while others also print out leaflets or flyers and attach them to the popular newspapers. Sometimes, depending on the target audience, there are also stationary business meetings or telephone recruitment sessions conducted based on an internal database.

Both marketing approaches aim at:

  • building a brand identity;
  • increasing the recognition of products and/or services;
  • establishing closer relations with clients;
  • expansion on the target market or further development.

Each method is popular and valued among certain groups. Nevertheless, digital marketing has several undeniable advantages that contribute to its growing popularity, including:

  • Low cost of operations

Buying domain and server space on a given site or managing a fan page is much cheaper than printing newspapers or renting billboards.

  • Immediate contact with clients

Modern campaigns can be created and modified in real time. Companies can respond to their clients’ needs or concerns faster. Additionally, when users want to obtain more information, they can use text hyperlinks to move to another page in just a second.

  • Real impact on users

Newspapers get destroyed, posters get covered with new ones, while information posted online remains publicly available as long as its author wants. What is more, each of 4 billion Internet users has access to it around the clock.

What are the digital marketing future predictions?

It goes without saying that activities carried out via the Internet are the future of services. Nonetheless, many people wonder and ask, “How will digital marketing change in the future?”.

In 2022, brand awareness will surely reach a whole new, previously unattainable level. The predictions include:

1. Expansion of the range of virtual reality services

For years, each company has been using a slightly different marketing strategy, or a combination of several strategies, that was based on their interactions with clients. For example, posts on social media allow you to exchange opinions, leave comments and share experiences. The scope of digital marketing in the future is projected to be even more engaging and personal.

2. Increased scale of artificial intelligence usage

Using ready-made algorithms as a part of the customer service is a sufficient solution in most conversations. Chatbots are growing in popularity due to their extensive and ever-growing databases and short response time.

Innovative companies also focus on augmented reality, which allows them to connect the real world with elements generated by a computer. In 2022, it will be even more popular, especially in the medical and aviation industries.

3. Intensification of the actions aimed at protecting personal data

More and more users are complaining about the dangers of sharing data through the Internet. Thus, ensuring customer privacy and security will be an essential part of the online marketing future. Companies will have to take care of the quality of user service in order for the users to be willing to establish a relationship with them, even at the expense of their privacy. This can create marketing challenges in terms of targeting and personalization. If customers are reluctant to share their data, it can be more difficult to create targeted and personalized marketing campaigns that resonate with them.

4. Comeback of voice marketing

Several decades ago, newspapers and radio were used to spread advertising slogans. Today, the digital marketing landscape is based primarily on video marketing.

In 2022 many brands will run marketing campaigns as part of podcasts, radio shows or radio concerts. It is a generally available solution that allows you to reach a wide audience.

Examples of companies that set trends in digital marketing

Digital marketing predictions for 2022 are relatively easy to envision, as they come as a result of long-term technological and social changes. That is why some companies have already taken effective measures to develop digitized solutions.

The companies that are most effective in the field of digital marketing include, but are not limited to:

  • Airbnb

This platform allows you to rent apartments and houses all over the world, also from private hosts. The company focuses on authentic content created by its users who leave feedback and share experiences. Airbnb also encourages you to share your photos and videos of your travels. As a result, it gains unique, reliable and free content.

  • Domino’s

What is the future of digital marketing? This iconic pizza restaurant seems to know the answer to this question. In addition to the obvious solutions, such as a website or an application, the restaurant chain has created the Domino’s Anyware tool, which facilitates the process of ordering pizza. For example, customers can use voice search, which is supported by artificial intelligence.

  • Lego

One of the most recognizable toy companies in the world adapts perfectly to the constantly evolving market. They base the future of their digital marketing on a simple message that attracts people of all ages. Their first advertising campaign in decades, “Rebuild The World”, was based on video marketing. It was a combination of cheerful animation with an unimposing promotion of the iconic sets of blocks.

Future of digital marketing –  what should entrepreneurs prepare for?

Regardless of preferences towards customer contact or brand identity techniques, every business can benefit from extra digital marketing activities.

Good practices, among others, include:

  • Following the current trends

The future of digital marketing in 2022 as well as in the following years is determined by many variables. You will be left behind if you do not follow the changes. Therefore, follow the actions of the leading brands in your market. Attend webinars and industry meetings. Also use the help of professionals in the IT and AI industries.

  • Taking care of CMS maintenance

Responsive and intuitive websites are an invaluable support for every internal marketing team. Thanks to custom WordPress development offered by Nopio, you can create your online store, company website or blog you have always dreamed of.

Currently, website content creation process requires marketing, programming and analytical skills, which can be overwhelming. Therefore, consider hiring specialists with knowledge of artificial intelligence [AI] and IT. Try to reach your customers through multiple channels. Decide on one preferred solution only after you have looked at several months of statistics.

Future trends in digital marketing clearly demonstrate the growing importance of artificial intelligence (AI) and interdisciplinary approach. There is no doubt that 2022 will be exciting!

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