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How Will the IT Industry Look in the Future? Interview for Website Planet With the CEO of Nopio!

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The world is rushing forward, and the leading industries are outdoing each other and strive to provide the best quality services. IT is without a doubt one of the most dynamically developing fields – especially in terms of technology, science and the quality of customer service.

A few words about Nopio

In the interview for Website Planet, Piotr Nowak, CEO of Nopio, presented the mission and vision of our company. He talked about our beginnings, going back to 2010 and explained the gradual development of the range of our services – starting with non-standard web applications and ending with extensive branding and UX consultations.

The future of the industry

Piotr Nowak about the future of the IT industry

Piotr commented on the characteristics of our industry and its customers. He also presented his predictions about the development of companies similar to Nopio and the inevitable need for automation of services, as well as explained the already noticeable phenomenon of industrial polarization. Piotr emphasized that the main task of companies such as Nopio is the creation of processes and software of the highest quality.

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