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Logo Shapes and Their Meaning

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The shape of the logo is very important for aesthetic reasons, but that is not all! Research on visual communication clearly shows that by using a specific shape you can strengthen the message to a determined target group. So, how do you design your logo to influence your customers? We have some logo shape ideas, which might inspire you!

The meaning of shapes in logo design

Certain shapes evoke particular associations in our minds, this is why it is so important to think carefully about what your company’s logo design should be. Keep in mind that you also have to experiment with fonts, colors, and icons. What geometric shapes are used most often in logos? Here is the answer: ovals and squares! However, this does not mean that choosing lines (horizontal or vertical) or triangles will have a negative impact on your brand’s image. As long as the attributes of the shapes match the values represented by the company, you can use them without any problems.

Attributes of particular shapes

What does psychology say about the subconscious logo shapes meaning and the various geometric forms? Each shape has different attributes that define it. For example:

  • circle: unity, friendship, femininity, stability, community
  • triangle: power, science, masculinity, law
  • square: power, professionalism, practical approach, efficiency
  • horizontal lines: calm, community, speed
  • vertical lines: aggression, masculinity, strength, progress, movement

So as you can see, this symbolism is strong and even works subconsciously. It is, among others, due to the above-mentioned attributes, you value some brands more than others.

How to prepare a logo design?

The logo design process should be carefully thought out. Contrary to appearances, it is one of the most important elements of visual communication that will have an impact on the marketing results of your business. So what should you pay attention to?

Define your values and target audience

You need to define your target group first and then the values that will guide the company. This is important because, as we have mentioned, each shape has its attributes, for example, the triangle is associated with science, while the circle with community. The shape should also match your brand’s overall personality.

Perform a competition analysis

The competition analysis is another matter to keep in mind when creating a logo. Check which shapes and colors are most commonly used in a given industry and try to fit into the general trend, while maintaining a touch of originality. Customers will remember you easier if you stand out by a shape or color. How to do it? For example, if your industry is dominated by circles, you can connect many circles with each other and create one large shape in which you can write the name of the company.

Establish the color palette and select fonts

The final step should be to establish the logo’s color palette. It also should be based on the psychology of colors, as they can evoke various emotions, moods, and associations in us. For example, green carries connotations of nature, optimism and peace, blue gives a sense of security, yellow is associated with happiness, while red with passion, love and power. At this stage, it is also worth choosing a font that suits you.

Shapes for logos – which should you choose?

It is time to discuss the different logo shapes and how they can affect your audience perception of your brand.

Circle logo meaning

The circle logos are one of the most popular. This shape reminds us of security, continuity, and protection, but it also represents fellowship, love, and support. The best example? The Olympic logo! It consists of five rings joined together. It is a good inspiration as it shows how you can play with shapes and find a way to stand out from the crowd. The logo design using circles is often found in automotive brands (e.g., BMW, Volkswagen), as well as in the computer industry (e.g., Dell). The reason behind is that the attributes are associated with security and support.

Square shaped logos and the  rectangle shape logo design

One of the best shapes for logos are square and rectangular forms. They are easy to fill in and there are many possibilities of using them. For example, creating promotional materials is simpler with them as they do not need to be cut out. Square shaped logos evoke stability and balance. The rectangular logos, in turn, symbolize reliability. Therefore, those companies that use a logo based on those forms are often perceived as reliable and dependable. Examples of brands with a logo in this shape are: GAP, Facebook, BBC, LEGO, Microsoft, and American Express. If you are looking for an idea for a marketing company logo, a square may be a good option.

Triangles in logos

Other popular geometric shapes in logos are triangles, although they are least frequently chosen. It is a pity because the effects are usually unique. It is important to mention that logos using this form are extremely interesting because this shape can be altered in many ways. That is, the triangle can be freely rotated. Its apex can be on the top, on the bottom, on the right or left.

The pyramid logo meaning, either the classic or rotated one, is stability, art, creativity, and ingenuity. This type of logotype was chosen by the following brands: Guess, Prada, Airbnb, and Reebok. Of course, remember that this shape does not have to be used in an obvious way. For example, the band Metallica was very creative and placed triangles in the first and last letters of their logo. This is a very original option, yet maintaining the triangle logo meaning!

Lines how to use them in a logo?

Horizontal and vertical lines are also often used in logos. The former are associated with peace, community, and speed. That is why, among other reasons, IBM decided to use them in the logo. Another example of a company with the logo that uses the horizontal lines is Spotify, which chose the combination of the circle with lines. Thus, it communicates speed and connectivity as well as a community, which is what customers care about the most.

Vertical lines, on the other hand, are usually associated with strength, courage, and progress. That is why you will find them, for example, in the SoundCloud logo. Slanted logos made of lines are also an interesting alternative. If you are looking for simple logo shapes, you will love them.

Abstract and non-standard logos – is it a good idea to choose them?

Before finishing the discussion on logos, it is also worth mentioning any abstract or unconventional shapes. Among many, a hexagon is one of the most appealing options. The hexagon meaning in logo is very inspiring as it symbolizes harmony, balance, and female energy. So, it is a great choice for beauty salons or fitness clubs for women.

A diamond is another shape to take into consideration. Diamond logo meaning is conveyed through uniqueness, durability, and strength. It is also a very flexible form that can be used in many different ways.

You should also bear in mind the abstract shape, which is not based on geometry. For example, one of the most famous brands in the world, Apple, has a logotype in the form of a bitten apple. Although popular geometric forms were not used there, this extraordinary logo is known to people all over the world and has already gained a symbolic meaning. Another interesting example is the Somersby brand, which has combined organic shapes with the spiral logo to create an amazing logotype illustrating a tree. When designing a logo, it is also worth considering any abstract patterns. For example, the Slack logo is made up of a variety of shapes and colors, making it eye-catching and easy to remember.

Shapes for logos – conclusion

Now you know why you should use the psychology of shapes in logo design and what impact a good logo can have on your business.

From circles to triangles, logo shapes convey subtle cues that shape consumer perceptions. If you’re looking to harness the power of shape symbolism in your logo, our branding services can collaborate with you to create a visually striking and meaning-rich design that embodies your brand’s essence.

If you want to know more, read our article on the evolution of brand logos. You can also contact us, and we will prepare a custom corporate logo for your company.

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