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Marketing One Pager – What Is It and How To Prepare It?

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A marketing one pager is an extremely valuable document. It allows you to present your company’s offer in a concise and factual manner, which can help you in attracting potential customers.

Are you not sure how to bring new clients in? Do you need some advice on how to build an effective one pager marketing page that works? Here is a collection of our tips that will surely help you!

What is a marketing one pager?

Let us start with the most fundamental question: “What is one pager in marketing?” Simply put, it is a single page file that outlines the products and / or services offered by a given company. It can also be used as a way to showcase the most important features of a brand or to describe one of the available items in detail.

All companies that do not have a one pager lose a powerful tool which has the power to increase sales.

The purpose of one pager marketing – how to establish it?

Marketing one pager should be structured and interrelated with the content marketing efforts that a given company conducts on a daily basis. The main goals of creating such a document is building brand awareness, familiarizing customers with the product range and nursing relationships with them.

Many people say that marketing one pagers are the electronic equivalent of posters or leaflets, but they are much more effective, not only because they are easier and cheaper to distribute, but also because they contain more information.

Two people discussing and drawing on a board highlighting the importance of sales and marketing one pager design

Marketing one pager examples

An effective marketing one pager does not have to consist only of the presentation of product or service, even though it is most often used for this purpose. We will introduce you to specific examples of one pagers for various purposes.

A product one pager can act as a catalog of goods, but in a much more condensed form. A single page with a brief description of your product is a great way to familiarize potential customers with our offer, as nowadays, most potential clients prefer options they can go through fairly quickly. A product one pager is a great opportunity to make a good first impression and convince your audience about the value proposition of your product. Incorporating a product marketing one pager into product branding strategies is crucial since it presents a clear and concise summary of a product’s key selling points.

Another way of using the marketing one pager is to create a kind of a business card for the company. It can be a convincing pitch that you can use to present sales offers to the potential investors. You can show a company profile with outline distinguishing features that make your firm’s prices or standards unrivaled. Company one pagers are also used to inform about various promotions, discounts or campaigns in which the brand is involved.

Three mockups of a marketing one pager template showcase its potential impact on sales

Benefits of having a company one pager

Creating a good company one pager can be very advantageous while not having one is a big marketing mistake. Regardless of your business model, you need to equip your sales teams with useful tools. One such tool is a company one pager.

This form of distributing relevant information to potential customers is a way to save time, which in today’s world is a scarce commodity – no one would want to browse a twenty-page offer when they have busy schedules.

Everyone expects specific information to be contained in a document that is as small as possible and the one pager guarantees that. In addition, this form of executive summary is more readable, making your call to action reach core customers better as it stands out significantly from the rest of the text.

Let’s take a closer look at the most critical elements of a stunning one pager. A good company one pager should use various methods in order to attract customers’ attention – based not only on text, but also on graphics, photos and illustrations.

The core elements that should be placed on a business one pager are, among others: company logo, brief description of your mission and competitive advantage (a brand’s unique value in comparison to competitors), your positioning statement that expresses your brand promise. Another essential element of a company one pager is a call to action (CTA). In addition, a single sheet should include contact details such as a company name, physical address, phone number and e-mail.

How to build a one pager marketing page

So how do you build a compelling one pager that will actually help you achieve your marketing goals? Here are 7 steps to help you create the perfect document!

1.     Analyze your content marketing strategy again

Think about its main goals, but do not forget to list the tools that you use. The brand guidelines file, which should contain all versions of the logos, used icons, colors, etc., can help you create a visually appealing one pager that will suit your brand communication. Consistency is one of those things that recipients value as much as aesthetics.

A written marketing strategy with a description of the importance of a marketing one sheet

2.     Who should be in the target audience of your one pager?

Precisely define your target group, and preferably choose a specific persona that you want to reach with your message. It is not possible to create one document that will cater to all expectations of your target audience, so you will have to prepare several one pagers.

3.     Define your marketing one pager goals

Is it a presentation of a specific product or a general showcase of the company? This is very important because a brand’s offer must be presented in a completely different way than a particular product.

A company overview one pager usually includes an offer presentation, as well as some essential information about the firm, both of which are necessary when it comes to building brand recognition. In the case of a product marketing one pager everything is different, all the content, graphics and focus in the document is dedicated to it.

The word Audience written on a board highlights the central role of targeted messaging in an effective company marketing one pager

4.     Go through your pain points

To identify your pain points answer the following questions: What issues is your product or service solving? What customer problems can you deal with? What core value do you support? What challenges do you need to address now?

5.     Are you able to create a one pager yourself or do you need help?

If you are unable to make one, designing a marketing one pager can be outsourced to a specialist who knows the topic well. You can also involve your employees in creating a one pager template or hire freelancers who will be responsible for specific parts – photos, graphics, content, composition, etc.

Marketing team working on product marketing one pagers to showcase the unique features and benefits of products

6.     Create a call to action for your one page document

It is important that the final call to action actually encourages recipients to buy a product or at least contact or recommend your company to somebody else – depending on the goal you have in mind.

7.     Try your one pagers out on a reduced target audience

When creating one pagers it is extremely important to release carefully analyzed and proved to be working content. Market tests and research will be unavoidable.

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