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The customer

The Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to identify students with exceptional artistic and literary talent and present their remarkable work to the world through the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. It operates since 1921 and has such amazing names among the alumnis as Andy Warhol, Robert Redford any many, many more.



The Alliance for Young Artists and Writers ( has very specific needs in terms of running the program. Through most of the year the main function of the project is providing information about the program.

Remaining time is an a very busy time. Site traffic explodes from about 30 thousands to 1.5 million page views per week. Students upload  hundreds of gigabytes of works to the system. Then panels of judges, local, regional and national review thousands of submissions, judge them and assign awards. To make all this possible, a very specialized set of tools is needed.


Nopio team has been tasked with building the tools up to the specification. Using C# .Net MVC, MsSQL, BackboneJS, Solr search and Amazon AWS we created a system that fulfills all requirements of the Alliance:

  • Handle students registration, uploading individual works, work portfolios, and processing payments for the application
  • Manage staff users, judges, teachers, students, uploaded works, awards, event rsvps
  • Provide easy to use review and judge tools to optimize the judging process
  • Create Digital Archive system to store the historical works
  • Design and create infrastructure that is flexible enough to handle predictable traffic spikes.




  • Client reported that the created tools allowed for 100% growth since year 2010.
  • Nopio worked closely with the customer’s team in order to came up with the project plan and detailed specification of each feature.
  • Nopio team was in constant contact with the client in order to offer feedback and suggest changes and optimizations
  • Development team at Nopio is flexible and scalable to current needs of the project

At this time, when the bulk of the project is done, Nopio works very closely with the customer in order to maintain the system as well as implement any needed changes and new features.


dominic matar

“Throughout our involvement with Nopio, we have consistently witnessed nothing but quality and reliability in their services.

Nopio’s team has been instrumental in bringing our organization to a level of technological stability, efficiency, and efficacy that has been crucial to our success in managing the 100% growth our program has seen since 2010. Additionally, the enthusiasm and passion they bring to their work, coupled with their professionalism and courteousness has made our collaborations a real pleasure.”

– Dominic Matar, Director of Web & Information Services, Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

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