productivity tools for business

Productivity Tools for Business

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Productivity is of the utmost importance in business. Without it, there cannot be any  proper work done, and consequently, there is no profit. It is not easy to maintain high productivity levels, and there are many reasons for this – numerous distractions, disturbing people, or a flexible schedule that makes it simpler to postpone things. Luckily, there are a lot of tools that can help you organize and focus on the tasks you are doing, as well as make your entire team work better. Here are some examples of online productivity tools for business that you might want to try.

1. Minicrm

Minicrm is a Polish tool that helps to develop the most effective work system. For example, it has a calendar for recording important deadlines and controlling business meetings, or the ability to create so-called “to-do” lists, i.e., lists of things to do on a given day. Most of all, however, it is a sales CRM that organizes the sales process in one place.

2. Todoist

Todoist is a tool for creating to-do lists for each day. Such listing is one of the most important aspects of productivity. It is important to use at least one such task management application with simple lists and the option to check off performed activities. This tool can be connected to Google Calendar.

3. Asana

Asana is a tool that allows you to fully manage projects in the company. Two features are particularly noteworthy. The first is assigning tasks to one owner. The second one, available only in the paid version, allows setting task dependency, that is, determining the order of tasks to be done among a few team members. Consequently, one person needs to complete their task first, so the other can start working on it.

4. Feedly

Employees often have to look for a lot of information. You can make research easier for them with the Feedly tool. You can collect articles from different, followed websites and organize them according to your preferences. The app has several tabs, namely, the general one with a list of all followed pages, as well as below-mentioned tabs:

  • Explore – to browse new websites and blogs that may be of interest to us;
  • Today – to view the latest articles for the current day;
  • Read later – to view articles that you have postponed.

The app can be useful especially for copywriters and people who create content for websites. Another similar application is Pocket.

5. Evernote

Evernote is a tool that allows you to create to-do lists and extensive notes. What is more, in this application, you can even set reminders for tasks that have not yet been completed as well as add attachments, graphics, and photos. It also enables you to collect various valuable information, especially when it is combined with other tools.

6. Stayfocused

Concentration at work is very important for productivity. Meanwhile, the multitude of distractions, which include social media, online stores and other time-consuming websites, make it not easy to maintain. The Stayfocused tool can help, as it allows you to set temporary restrictions on access to selected websites, both on a laptop and a smartphone. The tool determines pages that we spend too much time browsing, and they are not valuable to us at all. A similar tool that can be used to temporarily block distracting websites is RescueTime.

7. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a tool that makes it much easier to plan tasks, meetings, events and other errands. It also allows you to set reminders for upcoming meetings or events. This app is especially useful for people who have a very busy schedule. You can organize and plan your time by day, week, month, or even the whole year. It is one of the best and simplest applications available. Google also offers other tools to increase productivity at work.

8. G Suite

G Suite is another great app for businesses from Google. It is a comprehensive set of various useful features that can contribute to a significant increase in the productivity of the entire team in the company. G Suite includes all the best productivity tools for business, namely Gmail, Google Drive with online MS Office, Hangouts, and even special communication and video calls software. Google Chat and Google Meet are an invaluable tool, especially now, when many people, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, started working remotely and continue working in this way to this day.

You can also use the Currents app to encourage your employees to share their ideas. It provides feedback and can help you build a productive team. In Keep, on the other hand, you can easily create various notes, save ideas, and easily collaborate with your team on any device. There is no better tool to improve collaboration between team members  as well as  project and task management.

9. BudgetBee

BudgetBee is an innovative application based on participation. Thanks to the  participatory financial allocation system, it supports the company’s budget and helps to manage it properly. Each employee can transfer funds to a virtual account for employees. Then they can initiate and co-decide on additional benefits for the team, or even administer funds for training. The app allows you to provide employees with the most important bonuses and benefits. The similar tool, which can help you manage benefits as well, is Gusto. It supports creating the right package of perks and also allows employees to be involved in the joint decision-making process.

10. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an HR tool for online payroll. It includes solutions for every enterprise, both small and large ones. You can connect to it from the desktop of your computer in the browser, or on your own phone through the mobile application. It allows you to set reminders for payroll, and even pay taxes, contributions as well as send appropriate forms to offices. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you will not forget anything and will not miss any deadlines. In addition, the tool also has the reports feature, thanks to which you can analyze data from previous months and better plan wages or payment obligations. This is one of the best productivity tools for managers.

Other productivity tools for business

Of course, besides the ones mentioned, there are other tools to improve productivity in business. For example, you can also use statistical tools that allow you to track website statistics or software that allow easy access to all portals and applications without having to remember multiple passwords.

Nopio also offers apps to increase productivity. These include, for example, the custom time tracking app. In addition, Nopio can help you with custom software development to meet the requirements of your company. Running a successful business is challenging, but thanks to the enormously advanced technology, everything can be made much easier. Will you give it a try?

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