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Top web design trends in 2022

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Web design trends change every year. It should not come as a surprise since customers are constantly on the lookout for something new, innovative and inspiring. What awaits us in 2022? How to create websites that our target audience will find engaging? Learn more about the current website design trends!

What are the current trends in website design?

Do you want to create a useful website that will be keenly visited by users? What you need are web design trends 2022. They can serve as a great reference point as to what kind of sites will be the most attractive for users. Treat those trends as a suggestion and not something that you must use in your project. Make sure to analyze the market, customer needs and your own preferences before making the final decision. You will get the best results only by weighing those factors against the 2022 web development trends.

1.     Motion design – one of the latest web design trends

This is the first trend in website design that we will discuss. More and more web pages are based on dynamic layouts, which include multiple animations and moving elements. Because of that motion design is one of the most widely discussed among ecommerce design trends 2022. Imagine two Internet jewelry stores. One of them has a classic page where products are presented in the form of photos and simple descriptions. The other one is filled with animations. You can look at the products in 3D, get access to an online jewelry fitting room, and the whole thing is easy to use. Which of those stores would you pick? The choice is quite obvious. Any dynamic spaces are automatically much more user-friendly and adjusted to the user experience principles.

2.     Micro-interactions – one of the trending web designs

Micro-interactions are small, feedback driven animations, which, as design elements, play a major role in dynamic websites. They take different forms. This trend is often used for links which change color when you hover over them, allowing users to distinguish between clickable and non-clickable text. The main purpose of this approach is to guide customers through their interactions with the website. It is sometimes introduced only for entertainment, for example in the form of an interesting mouse cursor or funny pop-ups encouraging people to continue using the website.

3.     Dark mode – a fresh web design trend

Dark mode is yet another example of the latest web design trends. Darker website themes are growing in popularity. Users consider them to be more convenient and easier to navigate. It should not come as a surprise, since in most cases this mode puts a smaller burden on users’ eyes. Of course, it cannot be clearly stated that it is healthier, but for some reason people are more willing to switch it on while using Google Maps or Messenger. An elegant and classy dark mode can help you enhance the way your images, colors, and overall design looks. In the past, dark colors were associated only with companies providing new technologies, high-quality perfumes or cigars. This tendency changed, and nowadays, black is linked with concepts such as modernity, minimalism, and comfort.

4.     White space – leading motive in web design

The opposite of black? That’s obviously white! Contrary to some beliefs, clean and easy to navigate white spaces are as popular as their darker counterparts. Remember, however, that they are a bit more demanding when it comes to adjusting them to the user experience rules. As mentioned before, dark mode gained its popularity due to the fact that users found it more functional and less tiring. White theme can also be convenient to use, but you have to choose its right shade – for example the one used in writing programs or e-books – set the right brightness and prepare good graphics with complementary colors. By using neon layout elements as an addition to a white space, you would create a blinding and unpleasant website. If you choose a darker shade of white, black, beige, brown, or even dark red, the final product will be interesting, easy to navigate and pleasant to use.

5.     Minimalism – the foundation that never goes out of fashion

Minimalism is the most stable of the website design trends. It is widely known that limited typography, clear spaces and simple forms are what users like the most! A smaller number of graphic or typographic creations is not only a way to make users’ lives easier, but also a great method to focus their attention on the company’s offer, rather than additional decorations. Minimalism is a universal option, as this form can be used in virtually any industry.

6.     New trends in web design – full-screen layout

When it comes to new trends in web design, full-screen layout is a very interesting option. It is widely used to build online stores and showcase websites. What is it about? Well, the project stretches from the left screen edge to the right, giving more space for graphic designers and animators to show off their skills. By adopting minimalistic design principles, websites can avoid the risk of becoming outdated websites that no longer attract users.

7.     Illustrations – how to use them in web design?

Making good use of illustrations can help you create an interesting website. More and more web designers decide to work with artists who create illustrations that are a combination of freehand painting and digital art. Websites that use this kind of visual content acquire a unique character, build positive associations among the brand’s recipients, and significantly increase the overall aesthetic value of the business. For several years, analog creations – i.e., paintings, drawings, and sketches – have been gaining even more popularity. It should not come as a surprise that website creators noticed the potential and are more willing to employ illustrators.

8.     Personalization – the most stable trending web design

Web designers pay great attention to the topic of personalization. They especially focus on returning customers, as those are the most valuable type of users. It is important to keep them interested, even if they have not bought anything from your business. This is where personalization comes in handy. You can display recently viewed products, enable the creation of lists of favorite items, or point the shoppers to their abandoned baskets. Thanks to it, the customers will feel that their presence really matters to the brand.

9.     Ecology – one of the current website design trends

Ecology and planet-friendly solutions are definitely trending in web design. They became popular because of the influence that the constantly evolving society has on the Internet. We have prepared several solutions if you wonder how to incorporate such topics into your website. Of course, the graphic part itself may refer to nature, vegetation, animals, earthy colors and so on. But that is not all! You can create an easier shopping path. Your users will spend less time in front of their screens, which will reduce power consumption. You can also boast about working with companies that operate in a pro-ecological manner, e.g., those whose server rooms are mostly powered by renewable energy sources.

10. Corporate web design trends and chatbots

Chatbots are starting to gain popularity – even though they were introduced years ago. The use of robots will definitely be among the ecommerce design trends 2022. Why? Because they make things easier! Many consumers, when contacting people from the customer service departments, ask about basic things such as delivery costs, product returns policy or dimensions of some items. All those questions can be answered by an optimized chatbot. Additionally, contact with robots, programmed to imitate human emotions, can lead to a positive experience for the customer and help the company save money, which would be otherwise spent hiring people for live customer service.

11. Anti-design – the latest addition to website design trends 2022

Have you ever heard that name? This trend has been on the rise for several years. In 2022, it will definitely be used in web development. But what even is anti-design? Until a few years ago, combining red with green or red with pink was considered the quintessence of terrible taste. Today, the greatest fashion icons wear pink suits paired with red high heels, or complete green coats with red accessories. That’s what anti-design is all about! Things that were considered out of fashion are the most fashionable. The unusual combinations of elements and styles, asymmetry and grotesque are concepts that are already dictating trends in creating 2022 sites.

12. Audio as one of the trends in website design

The use of audio has also been included in the new trends in web design. More and more brands decide to equip their websites with multimedia materials, where audio plays an equally important role as graphics or text. This solution provides not only a variety of new activities, but also makes websites more friendly for people with various types of disabilities.

13. Layers and scrollytelling – ecommerce design trends 2022

Web design trends of the future, that are worth paying attention to, include the use of layers and the so-called infinity scroll effect. What are they? Both of these approaches have been popular for some time now. The layers are designed to make the website consistent and easy to use. The infinity scroll effect, on the other hand, is a feature that greatly impacts the users’ and most of them do not even notice it! How is that possible? Have you ever noticed that on various blogs, gossip sites or even online stores, you never run out of content to look at? After you finish reading one of the posts, you already have another one lined up, prepared by the algorithm based on what you have already read or looked at. This is also the case in e-commerce, the product page loads new items constantly, suggesting different merchandise from a given category. It is a neat device that keeps you occupied on a website.

14. Geometry – future trends in web design

The last item on the list of website design trends 2022 is geometry. It has been around for years, but this year it will shine even more brightly! Simple forms, symmetry, building projects based on a modular grid, limited color palette, consistency of photos presented on the website and graphic details – these elements will be trending among web designers! If someone likes to mix things up, they can use three-dimensional forms and meandering compositions, which are definitely among the top website design trends 2022.

Where is web design going?

You already know most of the trends. So, where is web design going? All of the above paths are worth taking. Just like in the world of fashion or beauty, different ideas, inspirations, approaches and trends, either repetitive or totally new, mix with each other. There is no longer one clear direction that you must follow to achieve success. Bring creativity, innovation, open mindedness and a fresh perspective to the table! Users want to use simple, intuitive interfaces that still give them some element of surprise!

Here are some of the questions you should answer before starting any web-related project:

  •   What industry do you operate in?
  •   What do your customers appreciate the most?
  •   What aesthetics are the closest to you?
  •   What makes you stand out?
  •   What inspires you?
  •   How much can you spend on a website?

The answers will help you choose a specific style and come up with a more detailed plan. Since you want to create a user-friendly website, the clients’ needs should be the main determinant of what it should look like. When it comes to the industry, you can do two things. Follow proven trends that someone has already used and you can be sure that they will work or go in the opposite direction and do something completely different! The aesthetics and inspirations closest to you will be helpful, but they should not constitute the foundation of your design. Your budget is one of the most important factors. If you cannot afford a graphic designer or illustrator, you will have to choose minimalism or geometry, even if the style you like the most is completely different. However, it is worth pausing for a moment with creating your online space – if it is possible of course – and gathering enough money to finally get the effect that will satisfy both your customers and you.

Are you looking for someone to help you with your web design? Contact us! We know our way around corporate website design and modern logo design, so we can offer you a full package of joint activities!

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