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WordPress 5.9.2 – what's new in the latest version 2022?

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Good news for all websites, blogs and online store owners. Less than a month ago, on March 10th, the latest and official version of the popular WordPress software emerged. What’s new? Does the most up-to-date edition differ significantly from the previous one? What will appear on the screen after the update?

WordPress 5.9.2 changes

The latest WordPress version does not bring significant changes compared to version 5.9.1 or the entire version 5.9 in general. The modifications are focused mainly on increasing the security level. This update fixed a bug and three security gaps that were not sufficiently addressed in earlier versions. The first and most important security gap concerned the possibility of placing malicious JavaScript code in published posts. The other two, slightly less essential, were related to preventing and protecting against cyberattacks which consist in tricking users into clicking on an infected link. Version 5.9.2 does not bring many new features for website development, but only in terms of security and maintenance.

Why is it always worth having the latest version of WordPress?

The current WordPress version should show up or even update automatically for most users. It is advised to update the WordPress version as soon as possible for security reasons. All you have to do is click on the “Update Now” button on the navigation dashboard. We recommend using the most recent and up-to-date version of the WordPress software because only then is the user guaranteed the highest level of security, along with the access to the most modern functions. The latest version of WordPress is definitely not the last one. The next version to be expected is of course WordPress 6.0. However, the exact date of its premiere is not known yet. Maybe it will be released in 2022, who knows.

How to check WordPress version on your site

Now is the time to ask yourself, “What version of WordPress do I have?”. It is very easy to check that. If you are not sure which version of WordPress you are currently using on your website or whether the newest version of WordPress has downloaded automatically, just log in to your individual user account and hover the cursor over the logo with the letter W in the top left corner. Under “About WordPress” you will find detailed information about the WordPress release notes – what version you are currently using and its most important features.

To sum up, although the WordPress 5.9.2 version did not provide us with any groundbreaking features and will not change the work of people who use it on a daily basis in any perceptible way, it is definitely worth updating to, mainly in order to protect your own website and published content – it takes only a few moments to update WordPress version. Your website will be better defended against various attacks and security breaches.

So far, we have nothing else to do but patiently wait for a hopefully much more interesting and innovative version 6.0, which should come with significant improvements in terms of the quality, speed and intuitiveness of the well-known and appreciated all over the world – WordPress. Let’s hope that in the near future we will see many interesting and useful improvements, and that there will be various useful features to make using WordPress even easier and therefore more enjoyable.

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