WordPress for a business website

Why Should You Use WordPress for a Business Website?

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WordPress is one of the most popular CMS used mostly by various companies, as well as amateur bloggers. Is this a good solution? In this article, we will show you that using WordPress for a business website is the best solution for all people who appreciate an easy-to-use navigation and intuitive panel.

WordPress for business website — is it worth it?

These days, when you come to the decision to open your business, one of the things you should get started with is creating a website. Is a WordPress website professional enough for customers to be satisfied with it and take the company seriously? Many people wonder about that, and it is not surprising at all. A few years ago, this CMS was best known as a blogging platform for various private individuals who used it as their own diary or a place to share their passions. However, it does not matter, it is in the past! WordPress has developed tremendously over the years and has become one of the most convenient solutions also for businesses. These changes came along with the development of online sales and all companies that started operating exclusively on the Internet.

Is WordPress good for small business website or is it beneficial only for corporations? 

It is worth mentioning that WordPress is a good solution for almost any business. It does not matter if you run a huge design studio on a corporate basis, a one-person marketing company or a medium-sized online store employing a dozen or so people. Each of these enterprises should have their own website and this popular CMS can be used successfully for all of them.

Top reasons to use WordPress

WordPress has many advantages, which is the reason behind its popularity among companies that choose it as the leading CMS for their website.

Why use WordPress for business website — because it is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform

WordPress for professional websites is attractive mostly because it is simple to navigate. It is user-friendly, which makes it easier for anybody who should be involved in the website maintenance, not necessarily on a daily basis, for example, for sellers or marketing specialists. Activities, such as publishing blogs, creating new subpages, assigning roles, improving the site using plugins, are available to people who have nothing to do with programming. For most people who have never had contact with WordPress, a several-minute training is enough to smoothly navigate through it in the basic scope, e.g., creating entries or setting roles. If you are in charge of project planning for website and are facing the choice of CMS, you should definitely consider WordPress because of its intuitiveness.

Free of charge CMS —  savings for a company

Using WordPress for a business site is a great solution because it is free of charge. This CMS works well enough in its basic plan that there is no point in paying for a much more complex, customized system if you do not need advanced features. Remember, however, that you still need to cover the costs related to hosting or buying a domain. You should take into account that those charges apply to every other CMS that is on the market.

Customization of WordPress to meet business needs

WordPress for company website is a perfect platform if you look for customized solutions. You can add features and modify the feel of a website to match your preferences. There are tons of different themes available – paid and free – that will surely fit your brand identity. In addition, thanks to various types of plugins, you can adjust individual subpages to your needs, e.g., on the contact page, you can add the application form or attach pop-ups encouraging visitors to subscribe to the newsletter.

WordPress functionality in content marketing

WordPress is a tool that content marketing specialists love. Virtually anyone, e.g., an employed copywriter who does not manage the website on a daily basis, can add entries there because it is so easy to do it. Thanks to the fact that the text editor on WordPress is very well-prepared, the publishing person can freely format the content, add photos, or set subtitles. In addition, this CMS also allows you to categorize texts or tag them, so that searching for information on the website is very simple. But that is not all. Content managers can also plan content there and, thanks to special plugins, connect everything with social media.

SEO Optimization on WordPress

It is also worth mentioning that WordPress for business site also works well for SEO activities. Thanks to various types of plugins, such as Yoast SEO or All in One SEO, you can take care of  SEO in an efficient, consistent and, above all, effective manner. WordPress is recognized as an SEO-friendly CMS. The plugins available make the optimization of search engines intuitive and easy, so many changes can be done without a web developer. What is more, many small businesses do not have a budget that would allow them to start hiring an SEO specialist, so using such solutions from WordPress can be life-saving!

WordPress for service business

For service business, WordPress is one of the best solutions. Why? You can choose a different type of website that will suit your purposes: whether you want to sell services or just create their catalog. For example, for sale, you will need a Woocommerce connected to WordPress. It is a CMS plugin that is intuitive and easy to use. This solution is used, for example, by massage therapists, language teachers or personal trainers. Another option is to develop the WordPress for business website as a catalog or business card. This works for all kinds of services that do not have a fixed price or scope of activities. To illustrate it, these are all construction or transport services.

WordPress for corporate website

You should know that this CMS is used not only for service businesses. WordPress also works flawlessly for corporate websites. Many owners of large companies that sell products appreciate it for its intuitive management and the ability to assign roles. Thanks to this, content marketing specialists can use it to plan blog entries, sales teams can easily add new products, and managers can supervise the work. When it comes to corporations, some of them also create a separate WordPress management position, so there is one employee who is responsible for this CMS, but it is not something that is necessary.

WordPress for a company website — conclusion

We hope you have found in this article an answer to your most pressing question, namely, “Should I use WordPress for my business website?”. If you want to learn more about the impact of WordPress on marketing, make sure to read our post on WordPress as a tool to enhance your marketing. We have also prepared a list of famous WordPress sites, which backs up the statement that this CMS is perfect even for large companies. If you have already decided on a website in this system, consider our custom WordPress websites services.

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