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New WordPress performance plugin to speed up a site

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Is your website too slow? Are the subpages taking a long time to load? Have you noticed that you are quickly losing potential customers? Nowadays, a fast website is essential for every business. Nobody likes wasting time when things load slowly, that is why you should take care of the performance of your online space. How to do that? Start by finding items that are slowing down your site and get rid of them. A variety of solutions can help you optimize your website speed, including the new WordPress performance plugin.

Performance Lab – a new WordPress speed optimization plugin

Performance Lab plugin, developed by the WordPress executive team, enhances WordPress performance optimization. It is a set of modules that are intended to help speed up a website. There are no similar performance plugins in the WordPress ecosystem. Performance Lab is a collection of “feature projects” for the WordPress core performance-related side.

These projects aim to bring a group of people together to explore potential ideas for the WordPress core. With this plugin, it won’t be necessary to implement further feature projects as separate plugins. That’s why we should consider it to be a beta-testing plugin. Its performance modules can be activated individually in the plugin settings screen, which enables us to test them in isolation or in groups. Activation or deactivation is similar to that of separate plugins.

The benefits of using the Performance Lab plugin

The new plugin brings a number of benefits to both developers and end users. It eliminates the need to install and later on track other plugins. In addition, developers can enjoy the reduction of required maintenance. The plugin also encourages collaboration between programmers. The Performance Lab provides a space for experimentation – some modules are clearly marked as experimental. While the entire plugin is intended to test performance features, the experimental modules are at a very early stage of exploration and using them can create surprising results.

The modules in the plugin are at different stages of development. Some are official projects for basic WordPress functions, while others may only be proposed to be included as such. However, you should remember that Performance Lab is not a complete replacement for other existing plugins that you are using or may be using in the future. It should be used in addition to them.

Features of the WordPress performance plugin

The first release of the Performance Lab plugin has modules such as WebP Upload and Support. They allow you to create WebP versions for new images, if supported by the server, and add a WebP support check in the “Site Health” status. Another module can be used for checking the health of the persistent object cache. In addition, the plugin also includes an experimental Audit Enqueued Assets module – encompasses CSS and JS resources in the “Site Health status” area.

Performance Lab plugin – how to use it

It’s important to take into consideration website performance during the website project planning in order to ensure optimal user experience and achieve business goals. The new WordPress plugin is very easy to use and intuitive. You can test individual modules, draw conclusions and submit bug reports. It is also worth sharing your opinions and reviews on how the plugin influenced the WordPress speed. Thanks to this, it will be constantly updated and improved. The more testers, the better.

Do you want to speed up your WordPress site? Try using this new plugin!

WordPress speed optimization is very important for any website to work properly. Even slight delays in loading might discourage users from visiting your site in the future. If you’re wondering how to speed up your WordPress site, try installing the Performance Lab plugin. It will enable you to test different solutions and improve WordPress site speed.

Various factors, especially images, videos, and ads, can affect a website’s performance. Thanks to this plugin, you can optimize all of these aspects and reduce their impact on the speed of the website.

If you are not sure if you can handle this task yourself, use the services of a professional website development agency. One of them is Nopio, which, among other things, deals with building custom WordPress websites. You can also read about the website performance optimization on our blog. You will learn what you should pay attention to in order to improve the performance of your website and what Nopio focuses on when providing customers’ with its services.

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