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Custom Learning Management System

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Project Overview

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Project Name
Custom Learning Management System
Front-End Development


BigKid team designed the system according to the client’s specific requirements and brought Nopio in to build out the system. Receiving the designs Nopio began planning the build. As a result, the joint force decided to go with a custom build using Ruby on Rails on the backend and ReactJS on the front-end. The main assumptions for the system build were:

  • Intuitive admin panel for managing courses and individual pieces of training
  • Multiple levels of user access ranging from global administrators, through staff managers overseeing training of their staff, all the way to the individual workers participating in the training
  • Specific admin dashboard for managers to see all their staff going through the training and their actual progress.
  • Multiple types of training questions and quizzes, fully configurable and customizable
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Nopio worked with BigKid team in order to achieve the best effect for the end users of the system. We provided feedback about admin panel features and how to organize it for the ease of use and clarity. Nopio also handled other aspects of the project build, such as hosting and data import for the initial courses.

Our happy clients

Customer story

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Gretlin Aumre Head of Digital at Bigkid

Nopio took an impressive lead with the development of this project - no hurdle was insurmountable. The entire team was a pleasure to work with and continually provided us with recommendations to optimize the design and performance of the site. I’d have no hesitation in recommending the team at Nopio and will no doubt use their services again.

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