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Patten Studio
Front-End Development


Thanks to a recommendation by one of our clients, Patten Studio brought us in and tasked our skilled team with creating a fresh WordPress site with a new custom-built theme. With the design delivered by Patten Studio, we presented a plan to create a system that:

  • Allowed a total and easy control over the content of the website
  • Enabled easy future maintenance and performance optimizations
  • Supported possible future extensions of the theme


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  • Nopio, using our experience in picking up new technologies, ensured that the client went through the development cycle without worrying about technology, while focusing on content
  • Throughout the active development and maintenance, Nopio offered constant feedback and improvement hints
  • With the experienced team behind the technology, the client can trust that encountered issues are handled effectively and timely
  • Flexible project resources ensure that there is no technology cost if there isn’t any work needed on the project
Our happy clients

Customer story

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Mihae Mukaida Creative Director at Patten Studio

Having worked with developers in small agencies to large in house teams, Piotr and his team at Nopio brought the best of both worlds. Able to move quickly from design to execution and always maintaining a consistent client dialogue with great feedback. It was a real pleasure to work with Nopio and I look forward to a continued long relationship.

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