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Dietomix Diet and Nutrition eCommerce Platform Development

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Dietmix is a Polish web portal offering healthy, well-balanced diets from meal recipes optimized for a Thermomix device. Since the site is owned and operated by certified dieticians, it's a safe source of healthy ideas for easy and quick food to prepare, becoming an ideal offer for everyone too busy or just not into regular cooking.

The Challenge

The idea behind Dietomix is simple—provide pay-for-play diet plans online. Before coming to Nipio, the Dietomix team had begun working on a fully custom software project. After months and very little progress, it became apparent they needed to pivot. It wasn’t clear to the Dietomix team if the problem stemmed from a lack of resources or if the technological approach was to blame.



We concluded that a custom software approach was wrong for Dietomix. Information Architecture (IA) required to store recipes and diets is hierarchical and well suited for the WordPress CMS. Furthermore, custom software that combines an eCommerce solution would be more expensive than an existing platform like WordPress.

When possible, we advise startups like Dietomix to utilize a stable platform like WordPress rather than build fully custom software. This approach gives the company a working solution to validate at a fraction of a custom build’s predicted cost (and time). Later after obtaining product validation, a custom software solution can be considered.

Our team created a completely bespoke system for building and managing recipes and diets, including microelements, calculations, and other tools to help dieticians create diets effectively. Our team worked closely with Dietomix to build a solution that mapped their vision and unique use cases.

The project spanned three months from start to finish and launched on March 8th, 2022, taking its first orders mere minutes after going live.

See the project in action at

What Dietomix Gained

  • A working website at an optimized price.
  • A bespoke solution that fits their specific needs.
  • A platform that is built with the new features in mind.
  • A concise time-to-market cycle.
  • Platform to publish research the company is running and financing.
  • An easy to use website.
  • The ability to efficiently work with content and run marketing experiments.
  • A long-term trusted technology partner.

Key Deliverables

Website Design Consulting

Technology Consulting

Information Architecture

Business Consulting

WordPress Website

CMS Training

Hosting setup


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Edyta Prostak CEO at

I was looking for a web development agency that could create a custom website for my company Dietomix specializing in diet plans for Thermomix. After an initial consultation, it was clear that Nopio understood my vision, and they created a custom website that exceeded all of my expectations. Not only are they experts in web development, but they are also very helpful and responsive when it comes to customer service. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a top-quality web development solution! Dietomix is looking forward to the coming months, which will bring new opportunities for its growth and further web development. Thank you, Nopio, for all your hard work!

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