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Eleanor Creative Website Rebuild

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Eleanor Creative is defined by its people-first attitude, timeless approach, and work-smart ethic. Our award-winning branding and marketing agency, Eleanor Creative, is rooted in the Midwest and located in Lincoln, Nebraska. They love to utilize local talent yet have a fresh, global ad agency perspective. The team at the agency is curious, big-picture-minded, and passionate about turning the latest marketing agency trends and challenges into its client’s opportunities.


Eleanor, like many businesses in the world, started with a website built on one of many popular platforms offering “do it yourself” solutions to get a website created quickly. It was informative, but as many such sites lacked individuality, and was hard to update effectively daily. Both these aspects prevented the Eleanor team from running successful marketing campaigns and experiments to get more business in the door.



Since Elanor works with us on many of their websites, it was an easy decision to bring us on this particular project as well. This time the goal was to keep the current local reach of the site intact but enable the agency to reach beyond the limits of Nebraska. To ensure that the status quo in local traffic is kept, Nopio performed an SEO audit to see what keywords need to stay on the site and what new ones should be added to broaden the reach. Nopio presented the findings from that audit to the Eleanors team, who did their magic, updating the website sitemap and creating website copy based on the said findings.

The next step of the process was all on Eleanor, where they came up with an updated brand look and felt as well as a new website design. During this phase of the project, the Nopio team is always available to help shape the content and desired website elements, so they fit the WordPress platform during the build process.

Finally, when all prep work has been completed, Nopio’s technical team created a fully customized WordPress theme based on Nopio’s ThemeFlex approach that allows for maximum customizability without compromising the ease of use of the CMS admin panel. To help with content management, Nopio created a block pattern for each of the sub-page types that are often made.

Finally, as per the usual turn-key service approach, Nopio deployed the new site to the WPEngine hosting, configured emailing services, and plugged in Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager

See the website at

Key Deliverables

  • SEO Research
  • SEO Consulting
  • UX Research
  • WordPress Website Build
  • CMS Training
  • Hosting Consulting & Execution

What Eleanor Creative Gained

An SEO audit to assist with any future content creation

An easy-to-use website that is tailored to Eleanor’s new brand look and feel

The ability to efficiently work with the content and run marketing experiments

A stable and effortless hosting solution that requires zero involvement from the marketing team.

Training and hands-on support when learning how to use the platform.

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