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Project Overview

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Project Name
Every Pig
Front-End Development


The project started with EveryPig’s internal team creating the design for the new website. When this was done, they began the search for the right tech partner to bring their visuals to life. After the initial meeting, it became clear that both teams had a good cultural fit and that Nopio would be able to satisfy all the requirements of the project which included:

  • Creating a flexible, yet easy to use content management system, using Nopio’s WP ThemeFlex™ approach.
  • Integrating third parties, such as HubSpot and Analytics platforms.
  • Enabling the use of multiple animations and effects to enhance the “pop effect” of the project, heavily using SVG graphics for the best quality.
  • Advice on hosting options, and delivery to the chosen solution.
  • Ensuring a smooth integration with the company’s existing application.
  • A fixed-bid estimation of the project, so the client could plan the budgeting upfront
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  • An innovative approach to WordPress setup allows for easy content changes without any requirement for the tech team to be involved
  • Weekly check-ins, combined with excellent communication skills of the tech team helped to solve all issues before they become problems.
  • Working closely together allowed the client’s team to familiarize with the system early and raise any questions before they needed to actually use the website.
  • High testing standards and craftsmen approach to development allowed for successful delivery well within the agreed timeline.
  • Nopio’s experience and consulting abilities helped and guided the client through any required tech decisions.
Our happy clients

Customer story

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Nic Bartlett Lead Designer at Every Pig

Nopio is a customer-focused company which means they really care about their customers. Honestly, they felt like an extension of our in-house team and that's hard to find. Furthermore, they thought around corners for us, which meant we could put our trust in them that they'll find the best solutions without us having to constantly nag them.

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