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Project Overview

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Project Name
Industrious Office
Front-End Development


Improving overall website management

Our team gradually took over WordPress site maintenance and helped with shaping plans and development processes for the project. During the months following the takeover, we worked on:

  • Site frontend reimplementation using Bootstrap 4
  • Multiple data migrations and rearrangement in order to fit new IA
  • Integrations with third-party systems
  • Site performance optimization
  • CI & Automation
  • Basic DevOps

As a result of our work, the site is now fully responsive, easy to maintain, well-performing, and ready for future expansions.

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Added Values

Additional consulting and forming a long-term partnership

  • The execution of the project required minimum involvement from the Industrious team
  • We delivered the project on time and with no defects thanks to rigorous testing
  • The client reported being especially happy about the suggestions made during the work on various tasks
  • Our team provided the client with a flexible service that allowed changes in the scope without impacting the price
  • Industrious gained a long-term partner who they trust to maintain and update their websites

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