Used Technologies:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Solr search
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Docker
  • Jenkins CI


Solere Digital aims to improve team flexibility and reduce overhead (and cost to the client) by curating a database of highly qualified freelancers and outsourced talent. The client needed a tool, and a process within the tool, to create a custom, vetted, and optimized team for every client project. When the process was developed, it became apparent that there were not many tools catering to the specific needs.


Solere Digital selected Nopio as their development partner for this project because of Nopio’s excellence in communication, creativity, and ability to deliver unique and innovative platforms. Together, Nopio and Solere Digital forged a custom-built solution that combined Ruby on Rails and Solr search. Today, the Manifesto application allows Solere Digital and their clients to:

  • Acquire new talent via applications submitted through online forms
  • Approve or reject applicants within the platform as they go through the interview and vetting process
  • Create a database of approved applicants and filter them by using rating, rates, location, availability, and other criteria
  • Manage projects and budgets based on the talent selected
  • Easily find and assign new members to projects in order to form unique teams

Nopio was also tasked to create a hosting solution and a deployment strategy for the product, which is handled by a combination of Docker and Jenkins CI technologies.

screen1_solere_talent_management_tool screen3_solere_talent_management_tool


  • Project execution required minimal involvement from the Solere team, and was limited to general process discussions.
  • Nopio handled the initial UI and UX, since no formal design was requested for the version 1 of the app, the prototype.
  • The client is especially happy about UI/UX and the overall infrastructure recommendations that were made during the work on the projects.
  • Nopio took an active role in the project features planning and offered a flexible service to handle changes that were often made to the scope.

screen2_solere_talent_management_tool screen4_solere_talent_management_tool

Client Opinion

The team at Nopio led by Piotr Nowak has proven time and again to be among the best partners and most creative, effective developers I have ever worked with, in over 15 years of building highly complex, web-based applications. Nopio’s availability, clear communications, and attention to detail are a tremendous asset to us as a partner and we look forward to delivering many more projects in partnership with Nopio.

Robert Veliz, CEO, Solere Digital

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