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Project Overview

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Project Name
Roto Premiere League
Front-End Development


After researching several dev shops, the RPL team reached out to Nopio and, even on this short notice, realized they would be an ideal partner. Initial conversations gave Nopio enough to get started, and the team quickly hammered out the nitty gritty details while on the job.

Priorities were established, with the critical features for the purpose of keeping the users happy. Nopio came up with the support strategy to keep the project going, allowing for some additional development on a tight budget. The key points of the plan include:

  • Review and make sure all moving parts of the system are operating and will automatically restart in case of server downtime
  • Tentative server performance monitoring and setup of alerting to prevent outages during the intense times, such as game nights
  • Providing a team of capable engineers who can cover for each other absences so there are no days without someone available to react to issues.
  • Assisting and consulting with the ROTO team about the updates and possible enhancements.
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Getting Nopio on board with the project allowed ROTO to launch the new season on time, with additional support to make sure someone is there to fix any game day issues if something goes wrong. The team got on board quickly, in just a matter of days and were able to support the project in the most critical time of the year.

Our happy clients

Customer story

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Stephen Schaller Founder, Roto Premier League

Piotr and his team have been nothing short of fantastic. I’ve worked with four overseas development teams on this project and Nopio stands at the very top of the list in terms of the quality of work. Their willingness to accommodate us during a stressful situation will forever endear me, and I hope we work with them for years to come.

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