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Professional Studio Marketplace Platform

StudioCity gives recording studios an easy way to embed a booking widget on their social media feeds.

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Project Overview

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Project Name
Studio City
ExpressJS + ReactJS, MVP, Custom Software Development, Consulting


Bring in an experienced and flexible team

The first thing that happened on the project was a thorough analysis of its state. Nopio & StudioCity teams cross-referenced the audit findings, the list of the required features and budget to come up with the project plan that guarantees required features to be delivered in the available budget.

Limited time and budget introduced a constant need to both teams to track the progress and adjust the project plan to the newly found unknowns. The approach resulted in successful project delivery with all agreed features present for the users.

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Value added

Finding the must-haves and managing the scope

  • Established a workflow using constant feedback, demos and set of quick meetings to ensure all parties are always in perfect sync about project state.
  • Nopio’s feedback allowed for simplification of many features for this and future phases
  • Research during the development provided StudioCity with a flow of ideas and suggestions
MVP in React

Customer Story

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Khaldun Maguire Founder at Studio City Global Ltd

Working with Nopio on the Studio City MVP has been great as they really understood my requirements and direction I wanted to go with the project.

Piotr was able identify what I required from a technical perspective and allocate the right team and resources to implement the features.

And working daily in an agile environment with Kuba and Paula to realise the MVP from fixing existing bugs, to ensuring that new features built were functional and robust was just what I needed. I'm really looking forward to working with Nopio for future versions of the Studio City application.

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