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Wilderness Park Website Development

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Wilderness Park is Lincoln’s (Nebraska) largest public park. The seven-mile, linear, 1,472-acre woodland is nestled just west of the Jamaica North Trail along Salt Creek from Van Dorn to Saltillo. The park features 31 miles of hiking, cycling, and horse trails within its naturally wooded landscape. The hiking trail was designated part of the National Recreation Trails Program in 1977.

The Challenge

The Park needed a new website to better present itself and attract potential donors and tourists. And because it’s 2021, tourists want information from sites before they travel, so tourism website development is more important than ever. The Park tasked the team at Eleanor Creative with brand updates and creating the design for the new website. The project had a very short timeline and the Eleanor team needed a partner experienced in quick WordPress website development to build the website in just 3 weeks. Also because it’s 2021, the only way to go is to create a fully-responsive, completely managed website, even when you’re talking about fast website development. This timeline needed to include testing and content entry as well as the development of the website. The remaining critical items were final testing and deployment to the hosting.



The team at Eleanor turned to Nopio, asking for an expedited build. After close analysis, the Nopio team deemed the build possible to deliver in the allotted timeline while keeping the high-quality standards, as well as all the CMS features that are available for regular builds. In order to make it happen, Nopio split the build into multiple workstreams, devised in such a way that no workstream blocked another and they were easy for different team members to pick up. Nopio designated one of its senior developers to watch over the overall progress and adherence to standards, in order to ensure there would be no issues when merging the individual streams together.

See the website at:

What Wilderness Park Gained

  • Ability to use the website very quickly.
  • A fully responsive, high-quality website.
  • A content platform to grow with the future needs of the Park.
  • A trustworthy tool to present the park to donors and tourists.

Key Deliverables

WordPress Website

CMS Training

Basic content entry

Performance optimizaion

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