Used Technologies:

  • WordPress
  • Bootstrap

Since the client’s development team is focused on building and maintaining product for their customers, there was little time left to keep the company website, blog, and knowledge base up-to-date and well maintained. The websites were also developed using different technologies which made the maintenance and design updates very difficult.


Ceros’ team brought Nopio in and discussed which approach would solve their sites issues best. Together, we formulated a plan to:

  • Clean up the website’s WordPress theme code
  • Build a new WordPress site to host the blog and import the existing content from HubSpot
  • Build a new support site in WordPress to stand in place of the old one
  • Set up an easy and automated deployment process for each of the sites

When Nopio was done, Ceros’ sites became easy to maintain with a unified brand look and a seamless user experience.



  • Project execution required minimum involvement from the Ceros team
  • Nopio delivered the projects on time and with almost no defects due to rigorous testing
  • The client reported being especially happy about the suggestions made during the work on various projects
  • Nopio provided the client with a flexible service that allowed changes in the scope without impacting the price
  • Ceros gained a long-term partner who they trust to maintain and update their websites


Client Opinion

My favorite part about working with Nopio was their ability to make smart suggestions in places where we hadn’t considered. Their attention to detail and user experience made this possible.

Brad Hess, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, Ceros Inc.

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