Used Technologies:

  • C# .Net MVC
  • Bootstrap
  • MsSQL
  • Amazon AWS


Nopio (as the site maintainer) was tasked with the implementation of a new, fresh look that the client had created with the help of another design agency. The design looked great, but due to unfamiliarity with the project, some of the pages were not covered. We were asked if it would be possible to avoid going back to the design studio, as doing so would significantly delay the project.


In order to accommodate the client’s needs, our team reused bits and pieces of the new design to create the missing views of the site. In each case, the client was presented with multiple mock-ups of possible looks and descriptions outlining the pros and cons. Since this process was based on prototyping page views, it was significantly more efficient than a standard design workflow. Additionally, the site has been updated to use Razor templating engine and a new deployment automation.



  • Our approach to web development allowed the client to save time, reduce expenses, and limit client involvement to simple decisions
  • By handling the missing bits and pieces, our team was able to deliver the project on time, without needing to spend time waiting for the other team to finish the design for each missing part
  • The client avoided additional expenses that would have occurred if the design team had been required to step in
  • Our custom designed deployment automation ensured that the release of the big CMS update went smoothly.



Client Opinion

In short, I would highly recommend Nopio to any business that is looking for high-quality technology solutions at a competitive price, and wants to work with a team that can handle every aspect of their digital presence.

Hampton Stephens, Publisher, World Politics Review

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