Moving Content from Default WordPress WYSIWYG to Custom ACF Field

A step-by-step guide on moving the default WYSIWYG content to your theme Advanced Custom Fields with descriptions and code samples.

Why Reversible Migrations Are Important and How to Write Them?

Migrations in Rails are files, which are responsible for making any changes in the database and they convert a Ruby code into a SQL code.

growth hacking

Growth Hacking: a New Approach to Marketing and How Your Business Can Benefit from It

We all know how traditional marketing works. You choose your target group, invest in ads and spend a lot of time and effort on your strategy before seeing any results. But what if you’re a startup or small company, you don’t have a big budget for marketing (or any budget at all), and only a really short time to achieve the scalability, all the while with competition lurking behind you? Well, there is a solution for that. In 2010 Sean Ellis, an entrepreneur that worked in startups like Dropbox, Eventbrite and Lookout, created a concept called growth hacking. Simply put, it’s a marketing technique that experiments with non-traditional use of various channels and helps to achieve viral growth.


How to Create a Successful Sales Plan to Drive Your Business Growth

You don’t need a new CRM, another new platform that everybody’s talking about, a new tool that downloads a lot of useless contacts, to sell. All you need is one simple plan that you stick to. Many people call it Sales Process but let's for now call it a Sales Plan. Why? Because it’s your plan for how to deal with your customers. Too complicated? Let’s break it down.

Gems Which Would Make Your Rails Code Look Awesome

For programmers, building a website from scratch requires maximum effort, skill and creativity. You definitely need the building process to flow with ease while you enjoy the work. Basically, this gives you ample time to ensure that you develop a website app with complete features and fewer issues. Gone are the days when you would spend months to build a web application. Ruby on Rails technology has made this absolutely easy for web developers. There are several gem versions that can be used to build web projects. It is just a matter of using the right gem to complete the relevant task on your Rails application. Find out the eleven commonly used gems in this article.

How to Implement SSO System in Rails Using CAS Server

Single-Sign-On is a hot topic right now. Several applications such as Google, Facebook, and Github use it. Probably you’ve noticed on some pages a “Sign in with Google” or “Login with Facebook” button which enables a user to log in to a page without creating a new account. Once you click on the button, you are redirected to the application. This is referred to SSO; it’s a system which enables access to different pages/application using just one account, so you don’t need to care about multiple passwords and accounts.

How to Create an API Wrapper of an External Service in Rails

Have you ever had the problem when you wanted to use an external API that didn’t have a ready-made library and you needed to write everything from scratch? You weren’t sure how everything should be split and separated in order to write readable and clear code? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this article is for you. I’ll show you how to write code that is responsible for connecting with the external API and how to split everything in order to write clear and maintainable code. It doesn’t matter if you use Rails or plain Ruby code, this code is flexible, so you can use it wherever you want.

Nopio Named Top Web Developer in Poland

Clutch, a business to business research, ratings, and reviews firm based in Washington D.C, has recently featured us a Top B2B Company, notable for our high performance as a web development company in Poland. This is a great accomplishment considering there are over 370 firms in this category. Clutch has researched thousands of companies in over 500 different industries around the world. Their platform gives B2B firms the ability to gather important information on potential services they may want to hire. Client feedback, market presence, and quality of work are just some of the measures Clutch uses to rate and rank companies.

10 Quick Tips About Sales Storytelling

“Those who tell the stories rule the world”, as a popular Native American proverb goes, and it is really hard to disagree with. The most powerful and successful people in the world are often the best storytellers. Some of them are honest, some of them not so honest, but even populists and bold-faced liars can appear trustworthy. What’s the reason for this? Why do people believe in politicians, businesses and salespeople, or even strangers when they have a great story to tell?