Process that gets you off the ground.

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product, and we consider it to be a process rather than a programming assignment. Nopio offers various options depending on where you are with the project. Sometimes we’re involved when there’s little more than an idle thought and experienced consultants are what’s needed first. Other times, we step in when the project is well defined and just needs a great technical team to deliver fast and flawless.

MVP Development Process

How it works step by step


Project discovery

We always begin with gaining thorough understanding of the domain, market and target user base of your startup. Knowing what exactly you envision we create a project requirements that follow your vision.


Design & Development

Having the requirements defined, our developers start lying the foundations for the build. Starting the design process, we ensure it not only follows the requirements, but also has the look you initially envisioned.


Launch - the big day!

It’s the moment every entrepreneur is waiting for. The effect of hard work is ready to be presented to the world. Your Minimum Viable Product is ready!

We love to deliver successful projects for entrepreneurs

During our 7 years of work we have successfuly developed many startup projects, including underwear subscription online store or talent management platform.

E-commerce Underwear Platform

The Underwear Expert offers a unique subscription product that is fully optimized for given customer. We created a system that deals with planning, inventory management and order fulfillment tasks at levels far beyond what can be handled manually.

Customer stories

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