What we offer

Our combined experience in variety of domiains (e.g. publishing, travel, healthcare) and variety of technologies we work with, allows us to provide you with a service that let's you worry about what you need to do - and not how it should be done. We translate your ideas into technology that runs them for you.


We Are Here For You

There is no one choice of technology that fits all the projects. We're here so you don't need to make hard decissions.

Long story short

We're offering you a wide variety of consulting services that target all key areas of web development process. We can help you to make good decisions about how your project should look like, what platform is be best to build it on and which hosting solution fits your infrastructure needs.

What is worth keeping in mind about Nopio is that we're not limited to any particular technology or solution. We work with many, and are constantly checking what's new and what can help us and our clients. If you’re not sure if we can help you just shoot us a quick email and tell us what you need.

Our areas of expertise
Ruby on Rails
Design and Branding

Web Development

Trust us - we're engineers

Beside offering the consulting services we really like to get our hands dirty with some real technical work. So, what is it that we do on the technical side of the job? Here's a list that highlights the most important things.


We know that you're a busy person and it takes a lot of time to keep up to date with the technology market. Working with us, you don't need to waste time on checking what's hot these days. You talk with us what you need and we will present you with options that match your project. Big plus is that we're not guessing, we know.

Same thing applies to project features, ever wonder if the way you're planning to have something working makes sense? No worries, if we see that something may not be the best idea we will rise a flag and talk this over with you. After all, you work with us, because we know this stuff very, very well.

Back-end Development

There is plenty of ready to use systems that one can use to start the project with, but sometimes your needs are so specific that it doesn't make sense to try and force the system to do something it was not designed to do. In such cases we offer you a full stack development services to build exactly what you seek.

Our primary technology of choice is Ruby on Rails, as it gives you the best value for money, but we can use so many others as easily. For example: C# .Net MVC, Cake PHP, Yii.

Front-end development

While back-end development deals with the data processing and storage, front-end development is about the visual layer of the project. Everything that end users see, scroll or touch is a subject of this service. We primarily work with Bootstrap framework to make sure that what we create looks great on desktop, tablets and this latest phone your client may be browsing your site on.

To make the site display correctly is a partial success. To hit a jackpot your site must interact with the client and do it well. We use technologies like Backbone JS, Angular JS and Canvas to make sure the visual layer works great and it's easy to maintain over time.

eCommerce & CMS Implementation

When we're talking about a personal or company site, in most cases it's enough to use one of the existing systems. There is plenty of options to choose from, but we will help you to choose the one that is just right for your todays needs and will support you when you grow.

We can build you a new site or perform a full migration from your current solution. In case of migration we aim to give you a full service, so we're happy to implement a new looks, move all your data, create hosting solution, switch DNS records if necessary and provide a backup copy of the previous site.

In terms of technology. Our primary choice for smaller sites is Concrete5 CMS or Wordpress which are extremely user friendly and configurable. For medium and bigger sites we'd advise to go with Drupal. Last but not the least, we'd be happy to get your eCommerce business going. We can set you up on a variety of platforms, so lets talk about it.

Need something else? Grab us for a chat and we will let you know if we can help.

External Services Integration

Today's sites rarely exist in isolation. Usually, there are multiple integration points that allow the site to operate. We have extensive experience with such tasks. Here's the list of a few examples of third party systems we're talking about:

  • Payment Gateways: PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net
  • Search Engines: Solr, Sphinx, Elasticsearch
  • Other: Amadeus Travel API, Capacity LLC warehouse, TrueVault (HIPAA Compliant Data Storage)

Testing & Quality Assessment

Were you ever worried if the product that gets delivered will actually work? I'm sure you were, or are even now. You should know that we're doing what we can (which is quite a lot actually) to make this worry go away. We test our products extensively, on code level with automated tests and manually in multiple browsers and on multiple real phones and tablets running iOS and Android.

Design, Branding & UX

We Create Awesome Stuff

The fact is that there are hundreds of thousands sites and your's needs to catch the eye of your customers. Let our designers do their magic and increase your chances of success.

Our in-house design team is always happy to deliver designs that are not only of exceptional quality but also well thought through from UX perspective.

Server Infrastructure & DevOps

Every app needs a place to live

Even if the app is a perfect blend of idea, engineering and development it will fail without a solid server infrastructure to run on. We will choose for you, or help you decide, what's perfect for your site. Then we will configure it for your project and optimize it for it's optimum performance. Finally we can create a full automation to ensure every update and deployment is just a click away.

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Proffessional service
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Tailored technology
Happy clients

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