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Branding services are more than just visual design. Let Nopio show you how a comprehensive brand development strategy is critical to your business.

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Corporate Branding

Whether you’re building a brand from the ground up or reinventing and reinvigorating your current brand, Nopio’s corporate branding services team will help you shape the future. We know that corporate branding is more than just creating an attractive visual design, and we work with you on a comprehensive brand development strategy. At Nopio, we believe that the right brand identity is critical to the success of your business. Through our branding services, we help you define your brand experience and make an authentic connection with your target audience.

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Brand development strategy

There’s nothing quite like the challenge of launching a new brand from start to finish. The possibilities are limitless, which can be daunting. Not only does Nopio understand the challenges of creating a new brand; we revel in those challenges. When you work with us on your branding package, you get a partner who is as invested in your brand development strategy as you are.

On the other hand, a brand refresh presents its own set of challenges. Updating your brand while maintaining its identity and values can be tricky. Nopio’s corporate rebranding consultants work with you to identify which aspects of your current brand are working, and which ones could use an update. The result is a reinvigorated brand that takes your business to the next level.

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When you partner with Nopio, you get more than a corporate branding agency: you get an extension of your in-house team, a loyal business partner, and best of all, you know you’re getting a dedicated team with the know-how to deliver your branding package, no matter what it requires.

How can Nopio’s branding services help you?

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Bespoke brand strategy development

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Brand refresh

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Naming your company

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Building your next digital product

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Why bother?

Well, if you want to boost your business to the next level, high-quality design and branding are essential. Being unique and recognizable is a proven competitive advantage. A carefully crafted brand shows trustworthiness and longevity, it connects with potential customers on an emotional level and helps you retain existing ones.

A well-implemented brand identity enhances pride and motivation among employees, as well as helps your team to operate more effectively with sales and marketing materials.

You may ask

Who needs branding services?

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New companies and startups

It’s essential to establish recognizable design and branding early and build a loyal customer base around your brand to promote the product.

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Expanding companies

When entering a new market it’s good to evaluate your current brand and consider how it will play in the new environment. Very often tweaks are needed to fit local expectations.

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Established businesses

Branding agency services can provide an evolutionary brand refresh - an excellent way to modernize your company’s identity while keeping its soul intact.

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Packaged for you

In order to save money, time, and potential communication deadlocks, consider a complete solution that we create specifically for your needs.

That said, we are more than capable to jump in and help with projects at any point in the process from ideation to implementation. We will advise you on what branding services you need at a particular stage.

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We're here for you

Contact us to explore what branding and corporate identity design options work best for your company.

Branding Services - Frequently Asked Questions:

- What is corporate branding and why is it important?

A business or a corporation usually has one corporate identity consisting of a logo, brand values, mission statement and the somewhat less tangible corporate “culture.”

Corporate branding is essential for marketing strategy and gives marketing teams a palate of graphic and messaging language on which to base digital marketing campaigns. Your marketing efforts should align with your value proposition and brand messaging guidelines, which is key to a successful brand marketing strategy. The best marketing efforts will fail if you have faulty brand strategy.

Good corporate brands align with the company mission, core values, and aspirations. Corporate brands help your company forward a unique and uniform look and feel across every touchpoint.

- What does corporate branding consist of?

Corporate branding can include multiple touchpoints. Here a touchpoint is defined by all the ways your audience can interact with your brand. These can include: logo(s), web design, customer service, company culture, packaging, advertising, print stationery, and the quality of products and services.

- How do you decide when it’s time to refresh your brand?

There are many good reasons to refresh your brand:

  • Your current brand could be getting old, and you’re starting to look outdated.
  • Your company never underwent a managed corporate branding process, and now you’re left with an inconsistent mess.
  • As you’ve grown, your brand might have waivered from the initial branding.
  • Growing a business takes a lot of effort, and brand standards tend to get forgotten.
  • You’ve been in business for a while, and your target audience has changed. You need a refreshed corporate identity that reflects your new audience.
  • Your customers are not turning into brand evangelists—you need a corporate identity that connects better to the right audience.
  • Your brand’s touchpoints are misaligned. Over time, a company’s website and other digital assets, business cards, and advertising can get out of sync, requiring a brand refresh to bring order to the chaos.
  • If your e-commerce brand is experiencing a decline in sales, customer engagement, or market share, it may be an indication that your brand needs a refresh.

- Why rebrand?

A brand refresh is an opportunity to reconnect with your current customers and reach new customers. It’s also your chance to align your brand with your foundational corporate values. Rebranding can help to improve your company culture by giving your employees a corporate identity they can identify with. Bottom line: a rebrand can be the stimulant your company needs to generate new growth in an ever-changing market.

- What needs to change when rebranding?

Really the answer is, “it depends.” You might only need a light brand refresh, or you might require a complete rebranding. It may help to consider the following questions:

  • Does your company need a new business name or only a new logo design?
  • Does your company need to redesign its corporate identity, or can a fresh logo exist within your existing identity?
  • What parts of your current brand are working?
  • Is your team free to completely start from scratch or are there parts of the existing brand that need to remain?

- What questions to ask yourself when rebranding?

We recommend the following questions:

  • Does my business brand need a new name or only a new logo and color palette?
  • Does my company need to redesign my corporate identity, or can a fresh logo exist within the existing identity?
  • What parts of my current brand are working?
  • Is my team free to completely start from scratch or are there elements from the existing brand that need to remain?
  • Is my company restructuring? Was there an acquisition, merger, or division?
  • Has my company significantly changed its product or service offerings?
  • Does the current brand conjure negative associations with my customers?
  • Has the industry evolved dramatically, putting my existing brand at a disadvantage against the competition?

- Why you need to create a brand identity?

A strong brand identity design can have a meaningful impact on the public’s perception of your brand. This all starts with a well formulated visual identity and ends with brand guidelines that define your brand’s personality and the unique brand attributes you have to offer.

- How do we create brand messaging?

Brand messaging otherwise known as your brand voice is the visual language for your company. It should effeciently communicate your brand message consistently across all platforms including social media, your website, and print. We begin the process of creating brand messaging by conducting a brand audit. The brand audit is followed by branding workshops and these inform the design process that will be the face of your brand. Our process ensures that your company has the right message to communicate to your target audience.

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