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Workshop on how to deliver website projects without a headache

This workshop gives the product team basic tech knowledge about website development so they can ask better questions, estimate project timeline more accurately, and instill further confidence in the clients.

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Workshop highlights

A complete toolbox for any product manager to handle a website build project

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Project timeline & elements of a website

See how marketing content fits with the technical parts of the website, and what to consider when creating a project timeline. Review timeline example.

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Additional/unexpected project cost

See what else should be in your budget besides strategy, content and dev hours. Software licenses, SSL certificates, hosting are often forgotten during estimation.

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Mobile devices compatibility

Every website needs to be mobile-compatible. What does that mean and what are the requirements to satisfy users and search engines?

Why WordPress is a preferred CMS for marketing sites?

WordPress is the most popular CMS, running close to 30% of all websites. What are the key advantages able to convince your clients that your offer is the one the benefits them the most?

Upselling opportunities

What else can one offer to the client to increase engagement? It can be a partner program or a recommendation engine, for example. There are many possibilities other than just a marketing website.

What image types are best for website use?

There are different formats such as JPG, PNG, SVG and many more. Learn why understanding them lets you run a well-performing website and how it can help you become a valuable source of knowledge for your clients.

Why it’s better to design for existing plugins?

Why re-invent the wheel? Reusing existing solutions is a serious cost reduction practice and a good way to shorten the build time. It's best to be aware of what's available to lead the client in the right direction as early as possible.

Examples of surprisingly hard to develop design ideas

How to recognize the design elements that may be hard or impossible to implement by the developers? See the examples and understand why they are harder to develop than it may look.

Project management setup

Learn how to organize the projects in a standardized way to keep project communications optimized.

About the host

Piotr Nowak

Piotr is a web development agency owner and a technology consultant with 13 years of experience in delivering web-related projects, from small marketing websites to complex web applications for startups and enterprises.

His technical background, product management experience, combined with a deep understanding of the domain makes him a valuable partner for any organization dealing with web projects in any shape or form.

You may find it interesting to read the story of how Piotr came up with the workshop idea.

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  • 1.5hr – 2hrs program
  • Basic online workshop
  • Up to 10 participants
  • Adjustable agenda
  • Presentation materials


  • 8hrs program
  • Basic online workshop
  • 6hrs of 1on1 sessions
  • Fully personalized
  • Presentation materials

Onsite training

  • Onsite training
  • Up to 5days in a row
  • Negotiable price
  • Completely customizable
  • Presentation materials