MVP Development

Get Your MVP in Just 8 Weeks

You don’t need a 5-zeros budget to start an online project. Our experienced team will help you define, design, develop and launch the MVP on time and on budget.

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Our Approach

MVP development process

1. Project discovery

We always begin with gaining a thorough understanding of the domain, market and target user base of your startup. Knowing exactly what you envisage, we create a project requirements that follow your ideas.

2. Design & development

Having defined the requirements, our developers start lying the foundations for the build. When we start the design process, we make sure it follows the requirements while maintaining the look you've initially envisaged.

3. Launch - the big day!

The much awaited moment has finally arrived. Weeks of hard work pay off. The outcome, your Minimum Viable Product, is ready to be presented to the world!


Trusted web agency

We have built many successful Ruby on Rails projects, such as underwear subscription startup, time tracking and invoicing solution, or a freelancer database and hiring tool.

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Customer stories

Customer stories

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