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Making WordPress Work For You

Oftentimes, when you’re handed your website from a developer, you’re unprepared to deal with the upkeep. That means panicked emails, added cost, and extra time waiting on updates to your site. This is why we made WP ThemeFlex™: an easy-to-use WordPress admin panel that puts the power in your hands. Implementing changes is easy and immediate, right out of the box. And if that wasn’t enough, our team will walk you through all the training you need to make the most of your site through WP ThemeFlex™.


Why WP ThemeFlex™?

Your site is a snowflake, and the content management system you use needs to be unique enough to reflect that. We create each CMS tailored to how you’re going to use it. From cosmetic design updates to keeping pace with rapidly evolving content, WP ThemeFlex™ is built with your business needs in mind.

Having delivered more than 100 marketing websites, and after working with dozens of organizations, editors, and project owners, we know what it means to be successful, and it’s our mission to give you the tools to achieve that success. Flexibility and ease of use are the engine that drives any management system, and WP ThemeFlex™ is the key to that engine.

How Does It All Work?

WP ThemeFlex™ is built into your site from the ground up. Working in close tandem with you, we take site mockups from your internal designers and use the WordPress interface to create a truly customized and flexible CMS. If you’ll allow us to nerd out for a minute, we’ll show you how. We build WP ThemeFlex™ in six steps:


First, we get to know site elements. Our team goes through the whole site in detail and itemizes each individual, distinguishable block of content.


Each website element goes through the same itemization process; the goal is to make every bit of content editable to you.


Blocks are grouped by similarity. We work with you to unify the design through feedback and collaboration.


Similar blocks are coded into a singular entity with intuitive controls affecting the looks on the frontend. Helpful hints and info messages are generously added to the admin interface, so even after months, it’s easy to get back to editing the content efficiently and effectively.


We use WordPress’ Blocks feature to help the admin visualize how the given content element will look on the page; this eliminates guessing and surprise results when the changes are published.


All blocks are designed, coded and tested to work together in all possible permutations, so the website can transform as much as the administrator’s imagination allows.

A Better Way to Use WordPress

WordPress serves as the backbone for all the marketing websites we create. Your first response to that sentence might be, “Oh no. Why?!” And you wouldn’t be wrong. Most people that encounter WordPress see it as this complicated, impenetrable CMS that takes an expert to decode.

We thought, “There has to be a better way!”
WP ThemeFlex™ is that better way. We’ve taken the obtuse architecture of WordPress and molded it into a product we know you’ll fall in love with. The flexibility and customization we’ve uncovered within the WordPress infrastructure is intuitive for newbies and experts alike, and our team is devoted to setting you up with all the tools you need to operate it successfully.

Feature Highlights

Getting to Know WP ThemeFlex™

Our customized vision of the WordPress admin panel is designed with ease and flexibility in mind. Let’s take a look under the hood at some of the things WP ThemeFlex™ features right out of the box.

Custom Page Elements

We hand craft each part of your website to match your design perfectly, and we fully utilize the WordPress Blocks feature, including its admin preview capabilities, for ease of use in implementing site changes.

Interchangeable Content

All custom blocks are designed to work together, no matter the order or combination; you have total control over how you present your content.

Universal, Device-Agnostic Display

These days, if your website isn’t designed with mobile in mind, it may as well be a paper catalog. Everything we build is built to function and flourish on all devices, and each site we deliver undergoes extensive testing to ensure optimal compatibility.

Reduced Complexity

If you’re spending the majority of your day on complicated design and coding, your content is suffering. With WP ThemeFlex™, we’ve handled the structure of padding, spacer, and decorative element settings for you. All you have to worry about is what your content says.

The Freedom You Deserve

More than anything, WP ThemeFlex™ is built to save you time. With fast edits, fast update times, and no time wasted banging your head against a wall trying to decipher complicated admin functions, you’re freed up to focus on growing your business.

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Despite the distant location, we are able to deliver projects on time and within the agreed budget, designing and developing custom websites and web applications for businesses and startups from around the world.

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Our Technology Stack


  • Ruby on Rails
  • ReactJS
  • SASS
  • Javascript
  • NodeJS
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap4
  • WordPress


  • MySQL
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  • MongoDB


  • Charles Proxy
  • Swagger
  • Postman


  • Stripe
  • GoogleAnalytics
  • AWS
  • MailChimp
  • PayPal
  • Heroku
  • SemaphoreCI
  • Jenkins
  • GoogleMaps
  • Sentry


  • UXPin
  • Sketch
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Adobe XD
Our Values

Why Nopio?

Consulting Mindset

We are proactive consultants with strong feedback culture. Instead of blindly following project specification, we help the client to find weak points and reduce the risk. We treat all projects like our own and we want to offer as much useful feedback and suggestions as possible.

Cost transparency

We work under Time and materials or Fixed bid contract, always allowing you to control progress and budget utilization with regular demos of completed parts and time reports sent your way in agreed intervals, eg. 1 or 2 weeks.

High-quality work

We are a dedicated team that cares about client satisfaction with delivering products. That’s why 90% of our clients happily recommend us to others and our Clutch average rating is 4.8 out of 5. We build business relationships lasting for years.

Dedicated Team

We can form a project team in a short period of time and provide you with a track record of their skills, previously delivered projects and results. Our team of developers is strongly specialized in building custom business apps and integrations in Ruby on Rails and React.


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