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We help businesses to transform their ideas into satisfying web products.

How it started

Company Story

In 2010, Nopio was founded as a response to a market dominated by ‘low cost’ vendors who left a trail of poor quality and surprisingly high bills. We acted and built our company around a bright and open-minded team, with high standards of quality, transparency, and trust.      

From the beginning, the company was divided in two. One part dedicated to building specialized web applications in Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, and ReactJS. The other responsible for building marketing websites using WordPress

In 2016, Nopio began venturing into design services in addition to development. In late 2019, that experiment evolved into a full branding and design service which we added to the company’s already wide service portfolio.

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Our mission

Create websites for humans

It’s an ethos we embedded in the genetic code of Nopio and one that makes its way into all our creations. We see every project as a combination of three main elements: a friendly build process, an intuitive admin panel, and a beautiful client-facing website or web application. Our ultimate goal is to find a sweet spot between these three that helps internal users performing their daily tasks, as well as provide an excellent experience for the end-users.
Company culture

We like to spend time and have fun together

We pay special attention to employees morale and team integration. Every month we meet together outside the office doing cool stuff – be it paintball, escape room, go-carts or at the bar playing board games.

Apart from that, we support employees personal growth, by investing in books, courses or conferences – everything that can help them to improve their skills.

Working at Nopio, you can enjoy being part of a small, integrated team of people who share the passion for technology.

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