About us

Meet Our Great Team

We are a small and still developing team that simply loves to work together. Thanks to this, we are able to deliver high-quality projects, solve tough cases and still like each other.

Our team

Created by great people

Piotr Nowak
CEO & Founder
Kuba Wilczek
Natalia Molik
Marketing Manager
Mikolaj Chanek
Strategic Partnerships Manager
Luiza Stelitano
Junior Marketing Specialist
Monika Wieczorek
Front-End Developer
Dawid Malec
Junior Front-End Developer
Agnieszka Górz
Front-End Developer
Paweł Szczepanski
Back-End Developer
Tatiana Smirnova
Senior Ruby on Rails Developer
Wojciech Kosak Główczewski
Senior Ruby on Rails Developer
Damian Mamla
Ruby on Rails Developer
Paula Grzesiak
Ruby on Rails Developer
Krzysztof Baranski
Ruby on Rails Developer
Krzysztof Grzybowski
Junior Ruby on Rails Developer
Maciej Kotowski
Junior Ruby on Rails Developer
Katarzyna Zięba
Office Manager

Our values

Feedback culture

We like to give you feedback and suggest how to make a project better. We also encourage you to tell us how to improve the way we work together.

On time, on budget

With us you’ll never worry if the work will be done on time. Our experience lets us plan the project to be done by the time you need it.

Smooth communication

We always assign a single point of contact for our clients. Every team member is easy to communicate with and speaks fluent English.

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