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Custom software can be a powerful tool to gain a competitive advantage and drive innovation in your company. It gives you more control than off-the-shelf solutions and helps to reduce the costs in the long run. Work with the team of experts to build a tailor-made software adjusted to your business requirements.

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What we offer

Custom Software Development Services

Software Product Development

New projects bring innovation, require close collaboration and solid execution. Let us know about your envisioned software, and together we will successfully deliver your new product.

E-commerce Development

We deliver unique custom software that can set you aside from the competition and give you more freedom than popular e-commerce solutions.

Business Application Development

Limit wasted time, increase productivity and automate manual tasks. Bring us in and use our experience and know-how to improve your business processes.

LMS Development

Simplify the training process in your organization to ease onboarding and keep the staffs’ knowledge up to date. We can help you come up with a creative and innovative solution to reach this goal.

Custom software development that fits your business requirements

We develop software with high-quality features in short iterations.

Our development process takes you from idea to a product that fits your exact requirements and optimizes the build cost at the same time.

Meticulous planning, rigorous reviews, and testing allow us to get you an excellent final product that will serve you for years.

No project exists in a vacuum. There are always external services that are required for it to reach its full potential. We have tons of experience with integrations, even with less popular providers.

We build to last and enhance. Custom software is an investment and we help you get a better ROI by making sure it’s easily maintainable and ready for new features.

Case Study

Custom Learning Management System

The client needed a software platform that would allow the creation of structured and interactive training materials for the three main departments and the business. Nopio created:

  • Custom build using Ruby on Rails and ReactJS
  • Intuitive admin panel for managing courses and individual pieces of training
  • Multiple levels of user access
  • Specific admin dashboard for managers to see all their staff going through the training and their actual progress.
  • Multiple types of training questions and quizzes, fully configurable and customizable
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Case Study

Custom Time Tracking App

We checked the off-the-shelf solutions and noticed that although it’s possible to satisfy most of our needs, we’d need multiple tools combined together. That’s why we decided to build our own solution as a custom software development project. Thanks to Time Tracking App:

  • We are perceived as super organized and well managed when we can provide financial state of the budget at any time
  • We limited unpaid invoices by 80% and lowered average payment time from 4months to 1month in 90% of problematic cases.
  • We are always fully informed about teams vacation and how many days people still have available.
  • Using this software allowed us to grow from 4 people team to 16 and it keeps us growing.
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Software Development

Our Technology Stack


  • Ruby on Rails
  • ReactJS
  • SASS
  • Javascript
  • NodeJS
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap4
  • WordPress


  • MySQL
  • PostgresSQL
  • MongoDB


  • Charles Proxy
  • Swagger
  • Postman


  • Stripe
  • GoogleAnalytics
  • AWS
  • MailChimp
  • PayPal
  • Heroku
  • SemaphoreCI
  • Jenkins
  • GoogleMaps
  • Sentry


  • Sketch
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Adobe XD

Why Nopio?

Consulting Mindset

We are proactive consultants with strong feedback culture. Instead of blindly following project specification, we help the client to find weak points and reduce the risk. We treat all projects like our own and we want to offer as much useful feedback and suggestions as possible.

Cost transparency

We work under Time and materials or Fixed bid contract, always allowing you to control progress and budget utilization with regular demos of completed parts and time reports sent your way in agreed intervals, eg. 1 or 2 weeks.

High-quality work

We are a dedicated team that cares about client satisfaction with delivering products. That’s why 90% of our clients happily recommend us to others and our Clutch average rating is 4.8 out of 5. We build business relationships lasting for years.

Dedicated Team

We can form a project team in a short period of time and provide you with a track record of their skills, previously delivered projects and results. Our team of developers is strongly specialized in building custom business apps and integrations in Ruby on Rails and React.

Software Development Process

How we work with your product

Project Discovery
UX & Design
Web Development
Testing & QA

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