Thoughts after Code Europe 2017 Conference in Kraków

A short summary of lectures and workshops from this year's edition of Code Europe, the largest programming conference in Poland.

Piotr Nowak
Piotr Nowak Dec 11, 2017 in Company Culture Events

Sidekiq with Pusher – Why Is It Worth to Use Them Together?

What is Sidekiq and Pusher? How to connect them together on the back-end and front-end? What are the benefits of using them together? Learn from this tutorial.

Piotr Jaworski Dec 1, 2017 in Ruby on Rails

Web Summit 2017 Summary: It Wasn’t Perfect, But It Was Worth It

What should you consider before buying the tickets? Learn from our summary from this year's edition of Web Summit conference.

Natalia Molik
Natalia Molik Nov 17, 2017 in Company Culture Events

Tips for Working with Remote Programmers

As companies continue to take on more remote developers, there are a number of things that can help make the process easier.

John Packham
John Packham Oct 31, 2017 in Business Development

Airbnb Map Clone Tutorial – React with Ruby on Rails

In this tutorial, we present how to build a map similar to the one on Airbnb using React app on the front-end and Rails 5 API on the back-end.

Piotr Jaworski Oct 16, 2017 in React Ruby on Rails

3 Reasons Why To Choose Sketch As Your Web Design Tool

Sketch is a vector design tool built for graphic designers. Learn why is it so worth using and why you should consider it as your web design tool.

Natalia Molik
Natalia Molik Sep 29, 2017 in Design

How To Hide That Ugly YouTube Preloader

Here’s a quick tutorial that may save you some time while you’re working on a video in a background thingy and using YouTube as your media source.

Monika Wieczorek
Monika Wieczorek Sep 8, 2017 in Development

Hanami – Ruby Web Framework [Review]

In this article, we compare Hanami to Rails and we present its features. We also share our feelings after spending some time building a test application.

Piotr Jaworski Aug 21, 2017 in Ruby on Rails

Ruby State Machine – AASM Tutorial with Sequel, SQLite, Rake and RSpec

Learn how to connect AASM (a state machine for Ruby) with Sequel and how to create a micro Ruby application.

Piotr Jaworski Aug 3, 2017 in Ruby on Rails

View Objects – The Way to Deal with Messy Rails Views

As your view begins to contain more complex logic, you can encounter all kinds of problems. That's when the View Objects might be helpful.

Paula Grzesiak
Paula Grzesiak Jul 11, 2017 in Ruby on Rails

5 Things to Keep in Mind While Hiring a Programmer in Poland

What to keep in mind while hiring a programmer in Poland? Read our list of 5 things you should pay attention to.

Natalia Molik
Natalia Molik Jun 20, 2017 in Company Culture

Pros and Cons of Using WordPress as a CMS for Your Website

Read what are the pros and cons of using WordPress for your website. Is it worth to choose it as the go-to CMS platform?

Piotr Nowak
Piotr Nowak Jun 2, 2017 in Development WordPress