post image marketing company logo

What makes a perfect marketing company logo?

A good marketing logo should be memorable, evoke positive feelings and make customers pay attention to the business. So what should the proper logo for marketing company look like?

post image internal brandig strategy

How to create an effective internal branding strategy?

You cannot build strong brand values if you are unable to spread them effectively among your staff. Now you have a chance to get familiar with the internal branding best practices.

post image wordpress categories vs tags

Categories vs tags in WordPress – what is the difference?

So, you have your WordPress site, but you do not use categories and tags as a method of grouping content? This is a huge mistake!

post image website content creation

Website content creation process – the essential guide

Contrary to some beliefs, website content creation is quite complex and requires careful consideration, as long as you want to make sure that it fulfills its basic role – appeal to the tastes of as many readers as possible and attract potential customers, thus helping you promote your brand, product, or service.

post image Branding Tips For Startups

10 Branding Tips For Startups

When you set up a startup, you have to go through the branding process and build a brand to survive. A well-thought-out startup branding strategy is the key for success. Here are our branding tips for startups.

post image logo shapes

Logo shapes and their meaning

Research on visual communication clearly shows that by using a specific shape you can strengthen the message to a determined target group. So, how do you design your logo to influence your customers?

post image branding trends

10 key branding trends in 2022

Whether you are a business owner or a designer who creates branding projects, you need to be aware of the latest branding trends to be able to create a strong and recognizable brand.

post image WordPress for a business website

Why should you use WordPress for a business website?

In this article, we will show you that using WordPress for a business website is the best solution for all people who appreciate an easy-to-use navigation and intuitive panel.

post image b2b branding

B2B branding: how to build a successful B2B brand strategy?

How to build a branding strategy for B2B business? We have 5 tips that will surely prove to be useful.

post image uncertainty in business

How to deal with uncertainty in business – 5 tips

There are many ways to minimize the potential risks of social or economic uncertainty. We present five survival strategies in uncertain environment.

post image logo redesign

Considering a logo redesign? Here are 5 things to keep in mind

Why do companies redesign their logos? When is logo redesign necessary? How to redesign a logo? Check what you need to remember before doing it.

post image rebranding

10 questions to ask when rebranding

In order to plan a rebranding strategy, you have to answer many questions. In this article we will go through the most important questions to ask when rebranding.