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What makes a good logo design?

You can create a unique logo that will automatically be associated with your products or services, regardless of the industry you work in, type of clients or the nature of the store. There are a few things you should keep in mind if you want to create a good logo design.

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Corporate identity vs. brand identity

You’ve probably heard the terms “corporate identity” and “brand identity,” and know that they’re important. But how well do you understand what these terms mean, how they are similar, and just as important, how they differ?

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Brand development – how to start?

Building and developing a brand is a difficult, engaging and time-consuming task, but it is also extremely rewarding. It is definitely worth putting in as many hours of hard work as possible, to later watch how your company continually achieves new goals, wins over customers and becomes one of the leaders in its industry.

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How to write a perfect website design request for proposal?

A good website can boost your recognizability and attract new clients. Building it yourself can be very time-consuming and challenging. You might stumble upon errors which will take you hours to fix – if not days. That’s why it’s better to trust the specialists and create a well-organized website design request for proposal (RFP).

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Modern logo design – current trends in trademark design

Whether it's a large company or a casual blog, the logo is the basic distinguishing feature of every brand. Very often, it is the first thing that people see when they visit a website or reach for a product from a shelf. The logo should make you stand out from the competition. How to design a logo that attracts customers' attention and stays remembered?

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Why following brand guidelines is important?

Do you dream of creating a strong brand, that will quickly become a market leader in its sector? Do you need guidance on how to start your marketing activities?

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Why Product Development Strategy Matters for your Startup’s Success

Creating a product development strategy is a sure-fire method for mitigating the risks that come with releasing a product that needs to align with user expectations perfectly.

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Hiring Web Developers: Freelancers vs Companies

Who should you choose for your web development project? Let's see what the difference is between hiring a freelancer and hiring a web development company.

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What Should Startups Do in Times of Crisis?

What can startups do right now to prepare themselves for the upcoming hard times? Here’s a handful of tips for startup founders looking to keep their businesses afloat in 2020 and beyond.

post image WordPress as a CMS

WordPress as a CMS: An Introduction to WP ThemeFlex™

Read this article to get an overview of WordPress as a cms, understand its value, and learn how to make the most of WordPress for your company.

post image web development trends

The Future of Web Development: Trends for 2020 and Beyond

What are the most prominent web development trends and how will they shape the industry's future?

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How We Created Our “Web Development 101” Workshop

The "Web Development 101" Workshop aims to breach the gap between the product and technical teams and help them work better together. See how it came to be.

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