Moving Content from Default WordPress WYSIWYG to Custom ACF Field

A step-by-step guide on moving the default WYSIWYG content to your theme Advanced Custom Fields with descriptions and code samples.

Agnieszka Górz
Agnieszka Górz Oct 9, 2018 in WordPress

Why Reversible Migrations Are Important and How to Write Them?

Migrations in Rails are files, which are responsible for making any changes in the database and they convert a Ruby code into a SQL code.

Piotr Jaworski
Piotr Jaworski Sep 27, 2018 in Ruby on Rails

Growth Hacking: a New Approach to Marketing and How Your Business Can Benefit from It

If you’re a startup or small company, you don’t have a big budget for marketing (or any budget at all), growth hacking is what you need.

Natalia Molik
Natalia Molik Sep 14, 2018 in Business Development Marketing

How to Create a Successful Sales Plan to Drive Your Business Growth

Want to increase your sales? Create one simple Sales Plan following these 6 milestones and stick to it while developing your business.

Mikołaj Chanek
Mikołaj Chanek Aug 29, 2018 in Business Development

Gems Which Would Make Your Rails Code Look Awesome

There are several gem versions that can be used to build web projects. Find out the eleven commonly used gems in this article.

Yvonne Edwards
Yvonne Edwards Aug 16, 2018 in Ruby on Rails

How to Implement SSO System in Rails Using CAS Server

SSO is a system which enables a user to log in to a page without creating a new account. How to implement it in Rails?

Piotr Jaworski
Piotr Jaworski Aug 2, 2018 in Ruby on Rails

How to Create an API Wrapper of an External Service in Rails

Learn how to write code that is responsible for connecting with the external API and how to split everything in order to write clear and maintainable code.

Piotr Jaworski
Piotr Jaworski Jul 13, 2018 in Ruby on Rails

Nopio Named Top Web Developer in Poland

Clutch has recently featured us a Top B2B Company, notable for our high performance as a web development company in Poland.

Natalia Molik
Natalia Molik Jul 3, 2018 in Company Culture

10 Quick Tips About Sales Storytelling

Let’s become storytellers! Although it may take some time and effort to learn, storytelling is definitely one of the most powerful skills in business.

Mikołaj Chanek
Mikołaj Chanek Jun 5, 2018 in Business Development

How to Organize Large Rails Applications

Maintaining large Rails application can be very challenging. These few tips could help you to organize your app better.

Piotr Jaworski
Piotr Jaworski May 28, 2018 in Ruby on Rails

Company Branches with Google Map and Geolocation in WordPress

Do you want to create a map on your website that allows you to find the company branches? Learn how to do this in WordPress using Google geolocation.

Paweł Szczepański
Paweł Szczepański May 14, 2018 in WordPress

Proof of Concept vs Minimum Viable Product

Proof of Concept and Minimum Viable Product are two very important tools used when working on the initial phases of software development project.

Piotr Nowak
Piotr Nowak Apr 10, 2018 in Business Development MVP