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10 branding tactics you should know in 2023

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The branding strategy should be constantly adapted to current trends, which are built on the basis of the needs of a core audience. There are many trends that are present in the advertising market, but not all of them are worth paying attention to. What branding tactics should you use in 2023 to get the best possible results? Here are our top ten picks!

What is a brand strategy?

Let’s start with a general definition of what a branding strategy is. It is a long-term plan that leads to achieving long-term business goals. Branding strategy is often confused with brand visual identity. The domain of branding is not limited to the logotype, the palette of colors chosen for its communication, or the appearance of the website. There’s no doubt that these elements are important, but building a comprehensive brand strategy is about perfecting the intangible elements that allow you to build brand recognition and then turn it into long-term relationships with customers based on commitment and consumer loyalty.

What is the difference between a marketing strategy and a branding strategy?

At this stage, you are probably wondering what is the difference between a marketing and branding strategy. Marketing strategies are a set of all activities that will be part of brand promotion. They include elements such as long and short-term business goals, corporate identity, content marketing strategy, and more. Branding strategy is a part of the overall marketing strategy, and its goal is to indirectly and directly increase the customer base.

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Branding tactics for 2023

This year, there have been some significant changes in regard to how marketing activities should be conducted. It is an exciting time that allows you to implement solutions that have been completely unavailable to marketers until now. If you want your actions to bring the intended results, you must adapt to these shifts. All companies that did not want to change the ways they did business and operated on the same principles as a few years ago have long been overtaken by the competition, and their brand recognition among potential customers is constantly decreasing. Therefore, if you do not want your business to join their ranks, be sure to read this list of ten tactics that work in 2023 and choose the ones that will be best for you.

1. Using artificial intelligence in marketing strategy

2023 is the year AI entered the stage with a bigger bang than ever before, and its presence can be spotted in many brand strategy approaches of both large and small companies. In the feature, various types of systems that will use artificial intelligence will become an integral part when it comes to, for example, monitoring trends in specific industries or preparing a brand voice that will fully meet the needs of the target audience. AI allows you to increase efficiency and provide better services to customers because it follows the latest trends. How can artificial intelligence help your business? It allows for the introduction of strategic enhancements in areas such as:

  •       Customer service – the use of chatbots and virtual assistants that keep rising in popularity. This solution is ideal for making the first contact with customers and solving simple problems. Human intervention will be necessary to deal with more complex issues but AI allows you to serve more customers in a short time.
  •       Market research – AI tools allow you to analyze large amounts of data faster, making it a very time and money-efficient solution. It can provide you with a lot of data about your target audience, which is invaluable when designing branding tactics. Remember that information about existing users who, for example, enter your website, is also important from the perspective of attracting new ones.
  •       Predictive analytics – thanks to various artificial intelligence systems, a company is able to properly adapt its brand strategy to the needs of customers and trends that are about to emerge. Such information flow allows you to not only build relationships with new clients but also keep the regular ones engaged with your content. How is that possible? With such specific information, you can, for example, launch excellently targeted advertising on Facebook or Google Ads.
  •       Content creation – AI allows you to create straightforward content, such as social media posts or marketing materials. Should you use it without any human review? Not if you want your content to be refined. Someone should control and adjust the texts so that they are fully personalized and tailored to the communication needs of your company. However, it can serve as a great starting point for content marketing activities, especially for advertising agencies.
  •       Surprising content – thanks to artificial intelligence, you can surprise your audience with interesting creations that could not be put together without AI. Customers enjoy content that is engaging and delivering it will build a positive image of your business and support brand positioning in the search engine.
using artificial intelligence in marketing strategy

2. Automation of all processes in the brand strategy

Just like artificial intelligence, automation is one of the marketing tactics that can not only increase a brand’s value but also significantly speed up many processes. It is useful both for small tasks, such as sending newsletters, publishing content on social media, or responding to emails, and more complex activities, e.g. the entire ordering process. It is important, however, that both AI and automation should not be used as a substitute for human interaction and creativity, but rather implemented as just a part of marketing activities. Technology can help accomplish tasks faster, but marketers should still be present in the processes because only they are able to understand the target audience, develop strategic brand goals, and then control their implementation.

3. Target audience personalization

Another prominent branding tactic is personalization which should be implemented at every level. Both personalized brand voice and brand story are important. By adapting storytelling to the needs and interests of the target audience, you will be able to create much better relationships with customers and build a positive image of your business. Customers who identify with brand values, goals, or history exhibit stronger brand loyalty. Small details like using the personal pronouns “you” or “we” are also important. They shorten the distance between the brand and potential customers, making the whole relationship much more personal. This has a big impact on how brand personality is perceived by customers.

Interestingly enough, the personalization trend is the aftermath of the emergence of artificial intelligence. As we have already mentioned, all solutions proposed by AI are very convenient and make the work of marketers more efficient, but because of how intensively it is being used, recipients have started to appreciate the presence of the “human voice” in the brand message.

4. Maximum brand humanization

Another marketing tactic you need to pay attention to is humanization. Personalization of activities is one thing, but the humanization of the brand is also very important from the perspective of building a large customer base. This is one of the branding tactics that works fantastically in 2023 because it creates an interesting brand identity. It is about making the brand as accessible and authentic to customers as possible. To humanize your brand personality, you can use storytelling, create a brand hero, post humorous or empathetic content, engage in various social activities, stay in constant contact with your audience through social media, or share other marketing materials that show what the atmosphere in the company is like, its brand equity, and who works in it.

It is also worth engaging your employees who will show the company’s operation in an educational, humorous, or lifestyle way. Thanks to this, your business will gain a unique identity, which will be built by employees through their unique energy. This is a perfect example of how to use branding trends related to the humanization of the company’s image.

5. Greater emphasis on video marketing

A very important part of creative branding tactics is creating quality content that will be helpful to users. Currently, content marketing activities of top companies focus mainly on creating videos. This type of content is now gaining the most popularity, which can be seen on social networking sites such as Instagram or TikTok. According to various marketing analyses, videos allow you to build greater engagement among recipients – they have a better reach and make interactions easier. In addition, the majority of companies that add video content to their social media channels can increase sales, exert influence, and build brand recognition easier. Very often, through these types of activities, a small business can build an intriguing brand identity and then develop into a high-performing company with impressive results. Try to implement this tactic in your business!

Tik Tok as an example of video marketing in Branding tactics

6. Visual and voice search optimization

Another branding tactic you absolutely must use is search optimization. Making strategic enhancements of this type is now a must-have for every online business. Nowadays, Internet users search for information through different means. Fewer people simply enter the phrase they are interested in in search engines. The popularity of voice and image search is on the rise.

When it comes to voice search, you should definitely adapt your website by adding voice assistants. This will allow you to increase your business’s visibility and grow traffic to your page. When it comes to visual elements search, it is necessary to use AI. In 2023, businesses will be able to use AI-powered visual searches to quickly find information and relevant images from a variety of sources. It is therefore worth investing in high-quality visual branding. The use of such technologies automatically increases brand value, and the company itself attracts more interest in the industry. This solution is definitely worth implementing if you want to build a strong brand.

7.  Building brand recognition through conversational marketing

Conversational marketing is a branding tactic that is becoming more popular due to its ability to create a kind of connection between the company and the recipient and build a positive brand image. As mentioned before, it is important to humanize the business image, and this type of marketing has the tools to create a “human” brand identity.

Conversational marketing allows for a two-way dialogue based on the customer’s interests and needs, instead of traditional one-way advertising. In addition, it allows companies to build relationships with customers and provide better customer service. It can be used in communicating with recipients on social media, in the offer material, or in the advertising campaign. Companies that choose to use this tactic can build a large competitive advantage over those that do not. Both small businesses and large corporations can use it to promote their activities. Remember however that these branding tactics work, but they take time to implement. You need to remain consistent in your actions, analyze customer communications and stay in constant contact with them for several months to see the first effects.

8. Interactivity

You have to include interactivity in your branding tactics if you want to maintain your company’s reputation. This is one of the most important trends, which is of course associated with humanization and personalization. At its basis, we can discover the so-called emotional branding. It consists in creating two-way communication with customers. Replying to messages, entering conversations in the comments, and constantly informing clients about the company’s development allow you to build relationships with them. Remember to regularly ask for customer feedback, as this allows you to develop your business in the right direction and build a positive brand reputation. A lot of companies are opting for this type of brand strategy. This applies to both small businesses and large corporations. A list of giants that use this type of branding includes brands such as Lego, Pepsi, and Oreo.

asking for customer feedback as a part of branding tactic

9. Transparency of brand identity

Brand transparency is still very important to customers. This trend has been an irreplaceable item on brand strategy lists of a lot of businesses and it will not change in 2023. This is due to the fact that customers are always looking for companies that not only have a straightforward and easy-to-understand process of selling products and services but also clear core values and priorities that are consistent with those of the target audience. Presenting stunning advertising creations and highlighting relationships that unveil the inner workings of the business can lead to brand extension and sales increase. This is of great importance from the perspective of building a trusting relationship with potential customers.

If you want to grow a branding identity that is transparent, authentic, and tailored to the profile of your business, be sure to familiarize yourself with brand archetypes. It will certainly help you find answers to a lot of questions, whether you run a small business or a large corporation.

10. Minimalism and simplicity

We are closing our list with a branding tactic that is very popular. Minimalism is currently the go-to approach in communication, which can be seen both on websites and social media. Multiple style guides present the philosophy of “less is more” as the most desired path. When it comes to social networking sites, particular attention is paid to creating “natural” and consistent messages. More and more people advise against the use of filters or other beautifying elements. What counts is here and now, even if the photo or video you want to post is not perfect. A message that is consistent with the brand’s communication and emphasizes its unique characteristics is also important. Customers are much more likely to choose brands that do not seem artificial, apply the principles of minimalism, and are open to various solutions. Companies that follow those three principles can build a strong reputation. It is thanks to their authenticity, that small businesses are able to quickly build a loyal customer base.

Now that you understand the topic of branding tactics better you should choose those you want to implement in your business to reach your target audience. If you’re looking for expert guidance, remember that Nopio offers a range of specialized branding services. We keep our fingers crossed for your success! If you want to learn even more, check out our blog, where you can find many articles on subjects like co-branding and more!

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