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Butler/Till Brand Update and Website build

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Butler/Till is a results-driven marketing agency offering deeply collaborative client experiences, proprietary technology, and world-class partnerships.


The agency approached Nopio with the need for a revitalized website that would serve as a centerpiece for the upcoming annual stakeholders’ gathering. The new website was to embody the essence of the Butler/Till brand—sophisticated, detail-oriented, and technologically advanced. Alongside the website, leadership insisted on a minor brand refresh. All of this was to be achieved within a strict eight-week timeframe, without any possibility of extension.


The project kicked off with rapid brand ideation and updating, including an updated color palette. It then moved quickly to the web design phase, where Nopio’s creative team collaborated closely with the tech team, using their combined expertise to create a website that was both technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing.

To reach the desired level of refinement and sophistication, the project called for more than just standard solutions. Both teams converged their focus on employing a bleeding edge set of effects and animations that would provide users with a rich, engaging browsing experience.

The new site invites users to explore and discover these effects as they navigate. Starting with top-tier effects like the full-page loader screen and seamless interstitial pages animations, it further delighted users with an array of content effects. These ranged from captivating typewriter effects on headers and soft-loading text line by line, to custom hand-drawn animations of arrows and text highlights.

As users interacted further with the site, they discovered subtle touches, such as buttons that seemed to cling to the cursor and navigation elements uniquely enhanced with hand-drawn highlights.

To achieve this level of sophistication, Nopio’s tech team leveraged a myriad of cutting-edge front-end technologies, libraries, and methodologies, including BarbaJS, Locomotive, Gsap, SmoothScroll, TypedJS, and many more. The seamless integration of these technologies required not only an in-depth understanding of how they complemented each other but also a phase of meticulous experimentation to fine-tune the animation timings to perfection.

The resulting solution stands as an eloquent testimony to what the client aimed to present, while simultaneously pushing the technological boundaries of website animations. The outcome is tasteful and experiential, not overwhelming but entirely captivating.

Lastly, with precision and adherence to the agreed timeline, we populated the site with the newly crafted content, imported all unchanged blog posts, configured the site on the client’s hosting, and launched it promptly on the day of the major stakeholder gathering.

In summary, this project not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. It stands as a testament to Nopio’s commitment to excellence and innovation in design and technology.

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Key Deliverables

  • Brand Refresh
  • WordPress Website Build
  • Custom website design with embedded, content animations.
  • Full responsiveness
  • CMS Training
  • Content migration
  • Delivery and Launch

What Butler/Till Gained

An easy-to-use website customized to their brand look and feel

The ability to efficiently work with the content and run marketing experiments

Training and hands-on support

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Amanda DeVito Chief Marketing Officer at Butler/Till

Working with the team at Nopio was like working with an extension of our team. From the moment we engaged with their team, it was evident that we were in expert hands. The level of professionalism, dedication, and creativity they brought to the table was unparalleled. Their ability to translate our vision into a stunning website exceeded our expectations. Not only did they capture the essence of our brand, but they also optimized every aspect for a seamless user experience. The attention to detail in design, functionality, and responsiveness truly showcased their mastery of web development. And all on a very very tight schedule. What stood out to us was their collaborative approach. Throughout the entire process, they listened to our input, provided valuable insights, and made us feel like genuine partners in the project. The open communication and regular updates kept us informed and engaged every step of the way. The positive feedback we've received from our clients and community is a testament to the impact of their work. We wholeheartedly recommend Nopio to anyone seeking a top-notch website build. Their expertise, passion, and commitment are second to none. With them, you're not just getting a website; you're getting a transformative digital presence that sets you up for success.

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