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BVCA – a new website and property search for a nonprofit

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Blue Valley Community Action Partnership (BVCA) was officially incorporated on January 19, 1966, as a private, nonprofit organization. BVCA Partnership focuses on services that can help families and individuals emerge from poverty or a crisis, or prevent them from experiencing these conditions. It works to identify gaps in services needed and then creates solutions to meet those needs. It operates more than 30 programs, each interacting and complementing the others, that support the diverse communities and families throughout its service area.



Eleanor Creative agency was tasked with a design and implementation of a new website for one of the regional non-profits. As it’s often the case, these organizations need help in getting the content in order before it’s possible to present it on the website. Over the years, BVCA created or taken part in a plethora of different programs and initiatives. Each one of these requires a detailed description of its purpose, target audience, as well as rules of participation. One specific area where BVCA does a lot of work is finding affordable apartments to rent, and these listings were stored in multiple formats and required a unified information architecture.



Since Nopio is Eleanor’s long-term technology partner, our team was called to action in order to help unify the rental properties database into a format that would work when presented on a website. Over the course of the project, the Nopio team worked on the information architecture that would unify all current and future properties, as well as a filtering system that allows for quick search from the website UI.

During Nopio’s involvement, it became apparent that there are a lot of interconnections between geographical areas, social programs, and other content elements that required a sophisticated taxonomy tree to be planned and created. Because of that work, the content of the website is easily navigable and relevant content elements can be easily found and consumed by the interested end clients.

As usual, Nopio used their trusted ThemeFlex approach to ensure that any required content work will be easy to learn as well as easy to perform in the future. Part of the learning process was the customary webinar presenting the CMS features as well as good practices for managing a website.

See the website at

Key Deliverables

  • Custom WordPress Website
  • Rental properties information architecture
  • Custom property search
  • CMS Training
  • Basic content entry

What Blue Valley Community Action Gained

Ability to use the website very quickly

A fully responsive, high-quality website

A content platform to grow with the future needs

A platform to present BVCA as a well-established organization

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