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Erlang Solutions
Ruby on Rails


When facing this challenge, Erlang Solutions team researched the market for potential partners that could help them, starting immediately. After a few pointed calls to discuss short and mid-term needs, they decided to go with Nopio as their website maintainer. Since then, both teams have gone through multiple phases of development, successfully introducing many new features to the platform. Amongst many, there are some that require highlighting:

  • Custom CMS form widgets with multiple behavior scenarios, such as opt-in, that drive leads to the third-party marketing platform.
  • Redoing most of the legacy content widgets to allow users to use rich (WYSWIG) editors.
  • Implementing Google Analytics tracking, including different content types.
  • Implemented GDPR policy changes.
  • Re-thinking and updating product brochure downloads.
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  • The designated team is available part-time, at the precise moment when the need arises.
  • Our experience and involvement in the features planning help to avoid wasted time on planning features that could be done easier, but still with the same end result.
  • We provided additional consulting that resulted in changes to the project features that ensure better user experience.
  • Rigorous testing and repeatable development process allowed us to deliver smoothly with no defects.

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