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PropertyTech for the modern era.

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Genea is a cloud-based PropertyTech solution for the modern era. Its software works with most existing real estate hardware and automates Access Control, Overtime HVAC management, and streamline Submeter Billing. Genea built its reputation on a foundation of excellent customer experience to serve its commercial real estate customers' needs. Over the years, they've earned the trust and loyalty of 21 of the top 25 largest commercial real estate companies in the US.

After acquiring, a leading Access Control solution provider, Genea faced a complicated merger of its corporate-facing image with a relatively small, dynamic SaaS startup. The project’s scope included a rebranding of Genea, which combined both companies’ brands into one, stand-alone corporate identity. The new unified brand and product lines needed to stand as one cohesive unit without alienating the customer base.

Genea's wordmark structure
Genea's mark works at different sizes
Genea full logo in reverse
Genea's new business cards
Genea's interior signage fits the brand perfectly
Genea's sub brands
Genea's corporate brand standards
Genea product case study cover page
Genea product case study internal spread

With the new brand and content strategy in place, Nopio designed a unique website and multiple collateral pieces for the marketing team to use. The result is a new digital identity that considers the combined forces of Genea and into a timeless look that reflects the company's corporate values.

Web design is where all the creative elements finally culminate. We delivered a fresh new design for the website in the form of a working prototype using UXPin. Mockup tools like UXPin help customers like Genea understand how all the interactive elements will behave on an actual website before a single line of code is written. The mockup shows the customer how their site will behave on mobile, tablet, and desktop breakpoints. This process ensures the customer fully understands how the site will look before the tech team begins work. The method also facilitates a collaborative review process that helps us deliver a new website faster than ever.

Genea's mobile responsive website
Genea's widescreen responsive homepage

Our technology team built the fully custom WordPress theme using the unique Nopio ThemeFlex™ approach. The resulting site is fully responsive (works well on phones, tablets, and desktop browsers), easy to use and manage, optimized for fast load time, and ready for future updates.

Genea's access control webpage
Genea property tech for commercial real estate webpage

WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) on the planet, so most customers are familiar with it. Still, we ensure the customer is comfortable running the new site before we hand over the keys. As soon as the CMS was ready, we started training Genea’s team to teach them how to manage all the content on the site.

Key Deliverables

Mood board

Logo Design

Brand Guidelines


Website Design

Copy editing


WordPress Website

CMS Training


What Genea Gained

  • A new brand identity perfectly aligned with company values.
  • Easy-to-follow corporate brand standards that ensure consistent visuals on all touchpoints.
  • An innovative approach to WordPress setup allows for easy content changes without the tech team.
  • Weekly check-ins, combined with excellent communication skills helped to solve all issues before they become problems.
  • Working closely together allowed the client’s team to familiarize with the system early and raise any questions before they needed to actually use the website.
  • High testing standards and craftsmen approach to development
  • Nopio’s experience and consulting abilities helped and guided the client through any required tech decisions.

Customer story

avatar image
Kim Marchbank Head of Marketing at Genea

We can tell they really wanted to make us happy. They don't nickel and dime any little changes that happen out of scope; they truly want to see us happy with the end product. It's very refreshing.

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