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Playtest with Kids Website Development

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Playtest with Kids is a toolkit designed to enable teams to create great products by conducting meaningful research with kids. It’s a part of vast digital properties owned by the Sesame Workshop subsidiary - Joan Ganz Cooney Center.

The Challenge

This marvelous site has been designed by the client’s in-house design team, and the idea behind the overall look and feel was that it should be playful, a bit quirky, and really fitting for the audience working with kids. Because of that, the site has a lot of small elements adding to its overall appeal. Also, because of this approach, the site requires a lot of attention to detail, and senior enough developers to implement all the little things created by the designers.



Since Sesame Workshop has a long-term relationship with Nopio and used our services many times in the past, it was a foregone conclusion that we’d be their first choice. Yes, we’re proud of that!

By our typical project setup, we started with project analysis and created an action plan. The site has been split between 2 teams. One worked on the structure and responsiveness, and another focused on the visual effects, animations, and other fine touches. That approach resulted in a smoother and quicker delivery and allowed us to avoid issues with developers working on the same parts of the site, interrupting each other.

The development process went smoothly, and as the last phase, the tech team spent a lot of time with the client’s creative team fine-tuning the effects, and updating the smallest details on the site. Finally, when the site was ready, all parties admitted that all the hard work was well worth it.

The last step on the way was adjusting the site to the specific hosting setup Sesame Workshop is using. After that, Nopio delivered the project package to the client’s internal IT team.

See the website at

Key Deliverables

  • WordPress Website Build
  • Full responsiveness
  • Custom animated elements
  • CMS Training
  • Delivery for the client’s custom hosting

What Joan Ganz Conney Center Gained

An easy-to-use website that is tailored to a very specific look and feel

The ability to efficiently work with the content and run marketing experiments

Platform for the end-users to gain and share their methods of interacting with kids

Training and hands-on support when learning how to use the platform.


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Catherine Jhee Director, Web & Strategic Communications, Sesame Workshop

I very highly recommend the work of Nopio. It has been a real pleasure to work with Piotr and his team of designers and developers. When we needed some updates to the WordPress templates to make our site mobile compatible, the Nopio went above and beyond the expected level of building and testing.

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