Case Study

Templo - Inspiration Sharing Platform for Interior Designers

Back to list is a unique place where interior designers can share their inspirations and show off their work. It has been created as a response to over-cluttered alternatives, focusing on quantity instead of the quality of content. It’s an early stage, but there’s a huge potential for this platform to become the go-to place for a lot of designers to get their creative juices flowing.


Any self-funded project faces huge challenges when it comes to finding a balance between money spent on technology and marketing. It’s easy to go all-out on the tech side of things and have very little left for when one needs to reach the potential audience. When Patricia, Templo’s founder, reached out to Nopio, it was clear that this was more of a consulting project than design and development. After initial conversations, we’ve established that the main challenge is to define the exact scope of the MVP (Minimum Viable Project) and help the owner stick to the plan throughout the build.


The Nopio team organized workshop meetings and led the client through the process of defining the project features that were then categorized into must-haves, nice-to-haves, and fully optional. Based on that, we’ve created a comprehensive functional specification of the project that helped the client see and approve every single feature that was meant to be built into MVP.

After agreeing on the scope of the project, it was time to choose the technology stack for the initial phase of the project. The Nopio team explained the differences between a fully custom solution and one based on WordPress and what impact each of these technologies will have in the long term. Finally, the client decided to go with WordPress as it was a significantly lower initial cost, as well as a quick-to-market timeline.

Having all the ducks in the row, it was time to build the actual application. Since the app was still very customized, Nopio developers spent a lot of time with the client to nail every little detail of the most important parts of the application, so it matched the desired workflow for the end clients.

After two months of work, the application was ready to be delivered, and the Nopio team created an appropriate hosting infrastructure by combining WPEngine-managed hosting with AWS block storage solutions for optimum performance.

See the website at

Key Deliverables

  • Project Functional Specification Document
  • Technical and Product Consulting
  • Simple and clean design
  • WordPress-based custom web application
  • CMS Training
  • Fully responsive website
  • Delivery and Launch

What Templo Gained

An easy-to-use website that is tailored to a very specific look and feel.

A platform for the end-users to browse and share their work and inspirations.

Training and hands-on support when learning how to use the platform.

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