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E-Commerce Startup with Subscription Model

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Project Overview

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Project Name
The Underwear Expert
Front-End Development


Nopio team created a custom-built solution using Ruby on Rails, ElasticSearch, Postgres, and MongoDB to:

  • Sync inventory between the e-commerce platform and multiple warehouses
  • Manage and optimize the inventory
  • Perform advanced subscription processing
  • View the state of the business via custom reporting and analytics suite
  • Track company financials in a custom accounting solution

The system has been designed in such a way that most of the common tasks are performed automatically. Additionally, we provided a design support to create a great and eye-pleasing User Experience.

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3 We made it!


  • Working with Nopio allowed the client to quickly and successfully launch the business
  • Thanks to the experience level of the team, the client managed to avoid common technology issues that average startups struggle through
  • A deep understanding of technology and a business-savvy approach to web development brought a lot of good feedback that helped the client shape the project
  • As usual, Nopio provided a flexible service, focused on the changing needs of an evolving project, allowing for changes to the scope
Our happy clients

Customer story

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Michael Kleinmann CEO, The Underwear Expert, Inc.

Managing outsourced technology partners can be challenging, but Nopio has an English-speaking staff with good communication and project management skills. I've done very difficult projects with them and every time they deliver because they understand the project inside and out.

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