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Triangle logo - meaning and examples

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Triangle shape logos are very popular among famous companies. Most brands have circular or rectangular logos, which is the main reason why new firms lean towards the triangular logo. Triangles are still a rare sight, which makes them eye-catching, easy to remember  and a good way to stand out from the competition.

Triangle logo – meaning

A triangular logo is unique in the way it combines the advantages of both round and square logos. The triangle’s symmetry is pleasing to the eye, especially when all its sides have the same length. It symbolizes not only unity, like a circle, but also, like a square, a solid foundation and structure. In addition, the triangle is an extremely flexible shape. By changing its position, you can influence the message carried by your logo.

The classic triangle with its base on the ground represents stability, durability and upward momentum. It resembles Egyptian pyramids, which survived thousands of years thanks to their triangular structure. If we turn it on the side, we create an arrow sign or the play button, portraying movement and a rush forward.

The standard triangles, with their base at the bottom, symbolize masculinity and power, while upside down triangles represent femininity and movement – they hide a bit of mystery and intrigue. The triangles in the logo can be replaced with various symbols of a similar shape, their edges can be rounded or the letters like A or V can be used instead. The possibilities are almost limitless, and many companies have already tapped into them.

As we explore the intriguing world of triangle logos, it’s worth revisiting our previous article on the impact of different logo shapes. In that piece, we discussed how shape choices influence the perception and messaging of a logo.

Companies with triangle logos – examples

A triangle shape logo or a logo with triangles can be designed in many ways. An expert will handle this task in an exemplary manner and create a great sign for your brand, which will allow your company to stand out and attract more customers. Check what Nopio has to offer when it comes to corporate logo design services. We’ve completed many remarkable designs.

For now, let’s go over a few examples of company logos with triangles.

1. Google Drive logo

This logo is probably one of the most known of triangle logos. It seems simple, but hides multiple meanings. All sides have different colors, symbolizing different functions of Google Drive. The logo highlights the three services provided by Google and the protection of data – placed in the middle of a closed, secure structure.

2. Google Play logo

It’s a logo shaped like a play button. This sign has undergone many changes. Eventually, Google company colors were added to it, making every logo with such a color scheme easy to associate with the firm.

3. Airbnb logo

It’s not a classic triangular logo. Instead of straight lines and sharp edges, it curves smoothly throughout the design. This logo is full of hidden messages – the company’s motto “Make the traveler feel at home, regardless of where they are” is one of them. By turning the logo upside down, we get a heart, a symbol of love. The center can be interpreted as a head of a person with raised arms or a location pin from Google Maps, which shows Airbnb’s global reach. The logo is based on the letter A, which resembles a triangle and is the first letter from the company’s name. This is a perfect example of the triangle’s flexibility.

4. Lacoste logo

Modern logo design encourages embracing asymmetry and unconventional compositions to create memorable and unique identities. The logo of Lacoste utilizes a triangle shape to depict a leaping crocodile, an iconic representation of the brand. The asymmetrical placement of the triangle adds a contemporary and distinctive touch to this timeless logo.

Triangle logos symbolize ambition, creativity, and growth. If you’re ready to elevate your brand’s identity with a logo that reflects these qualities, our strategic branding services offer the guidance and design expertise to help you create a compelling triangle logo that resonates with your audience.

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